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Can’t decide if this beer is flat or not…

Of course it’s from Hair of the Dog, what else would you expect? Also, happy Halloween!


Hair of the Dog Matt: Less carbonated than I remember, virtually flat, but there are a few bubbles that seem to be floating around in there….somewhere. Absolutely delicious, with a nice balance of smoke, malt, and apple brandy. Was it worth waiting in line for 6 hours a year ago, just to pay $15 a bottle? Maybe.

It’s getting colder out? Good, time to drink stronger beer.

Went to a little party my friend was having to celebrate….something…. Fall? Cold weather? Really not sure, but anyways, that’s beside the point.


Ale Apothecary Sahalie: It’s good, but I’m not sold on most Ale Apothecary beers. There are beers I enjoy more for half the price.


Hangar 24 Slow Roll: Really surprised at how good this was! I don’t tend to expect much from barrel aged belgian style beers, but Hangar 24 is a great brewery, so I should have known better. Really great caramel notes with a syrupy mouthfeel.


Hill Farmstead Anna: Yeah, it’s good, but still my least favorite HF beer. Too much brett.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway Stout: This beer means serious business, I forgot how delicious it was! Probably the best stout I’ve had since I had Proprietors a while back.


Hangar 24 Hammerhead: Too young, but has potential.

Yep, best post-workout beer ever.


So hoppy and refreshing. I love restoring electrolytes and ingesting alcohol at the same time!

Can someone explain to me what gooseberries are?!


It’s pretty good, but I have no idea what a gooseberry is…or tastes like.

Some Birthday Drinking

My friend’s birthday was the other day, but he’s in the middle of a busy week at work, so we just cracked open a couple bottles and watched Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek: Not as much cherry presence as the 2014 Kriek I opened a while back, but this beer more than makes up for it with extra funk and barrel along with more cherry skins. A+


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: Imperial Stout aged in Grand Mariner casks…so it’s pretty good. When I had this beer fresh, I could hardly taste the citrus. However, after 7 month or however long it’s been since this beer has been released, it has improved. I’m a big fan of it now. A


Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine: The weather is finally getting cold and rainy out, so it’s time to break out the heavy stuff!


De Garde Black Raz Bu: De Garde absolutely kills it when all you want is a fruity sour beer. This is my favorite beer from them to date, just so jammy and delicious. I hope it picks up some more funk over time, I think De Garde’s beers simply aren’t that funky because they don’t spend a long time aging at the brewery. A+


Better than Bourbon County Barleywine. ‘Nuff said.

Madness with some turds.

Finally got around to opening the Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization set with some friends the other day. It started out really well…ended less well.


Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization 1: Probably my second favorite Hill Farmstead stout after Beyond Good and Evil. Not too boozy, with super creamy mouthfeel, nice bourbon character, and a coffee and cocoa nib finish. A+


Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization 2: This one was a bitch to get my hands on, but did it live up to the hype?! Maybe? I’m torn between saying whether or not this beer is better than MC1 or not. Much less carbonation, but the beer itself is lighter, so it doesn’t need a whole lot of bubbles. It’s super good too, with an even drier finish than MC1. I should have just blended the two beers and called it a day. A+

Things get ugly from here on out.


Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization 3: This beer is infected, and terrible. One of my friends was checking Ratebeer for reviews and this one stuck out in particular, “hint of maple syrup, resinous and peppery, oaky and almost a vinous character with red wine tannins, some earthy angles. light carbonation, medium body – oily, piney and almost overwhelming boozy finish. a tad hot but overall a nice blending integration. tasty and good.”

Okay, let’s get this straight, you say you tasted red wine tannins? I wonder where those tannins came from, considering that this beer was aged in A GOD DAMN BOURBON BARREL YOU IDIOT. Apparently beer infection tastes like red wine tannins, and that it’s tasty and good. Well sir, if you want to come over and drink the rest of my Midnight Sun Barrel Aged TREAT, then be my guest.



Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization #4: I’m sorry, but putting chili peppers in your beer is not going to do you any favors unless your name is Westbrook or Cigar City. B

I’m going to go home and read shitty reviews on BeerAdvocate now.

Emo Pumking.


Pretty tasty actually.