Getting back in the game

Haven’t been drinking much lately, which meant that I was accumulating beer way to quickly. Time to thin out the herd a bit.


De Garde Apricot Bu: Very tasty with lots of tart apricots. Very different from Imperial Apricot Bu though. Imperial Apricot Bu wasn’t nearly as sour and had mostly sweet apricots in the taste. Very good though, but I think Apricot Crush from 10 Barrel is better than Apricot Bu. B+


Block 15 Sticky Hands – The Kine: Pretty good I guess, but it has a onion off flavor that most Sticky Hands’ don’t have. I’m going to go ahead and chalk this up to the fact that this beer is a couple months old. B-


Upright Fatali Four: I love this beer when it ages for a bit. It loses a tiny bit of chili bite, but more than makes up for it in funkiness. A


Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietors: SO FUCKING GOOD HNNNNGH. Not much coconut left here, but it has a great toasty, caramel flavor that I haven’t had in other BCBS variants. A+


Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 2011: Yep, this is the best year for this beer that I’ve had. So much raspberry, and it’s all in balance with the funk, tartness, and sweetness of the beer. Wonderful. A+

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