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Bourbon Matt

Dropped in for lunch with some buddies to try out Bourbon Matt at Hair of the Dog. Apparently, Matt is barreled in bourbon barrels and apple brandy barrels, then blended. This is just the bourbon component.


Hair of the Dog Bourbon Matt: One of the best beers produced by Hair of the Dog, unfortunately this is not bottled. Typically, Matt is a pretty sweet and cloying beer, but this version is all vanilla, smoke, and bourbon. It’s far boozier than the regular Matt, but I like this version more because I have a higher tolerance to alcohol heat than I do to sweetness. I’ll be back to try this one for sure.

Oh Damn

So I thought Stone Bu was pretty decent on draft…it turns out that the bottle is a completely different beast.


LOOK AT THAT FUCKING JAMMY GOODNESS HNNNNGH. This is better than the draft version of Imperial Peach Bu. I’ll have to open a bottle of Imperial Peach Bu for science. A+

Birthday Boy Stuff

A friend of mine celebrated his birthday last week. Not that long ago, he said that “he didn’t really like beer”. I took this upon myself as a personal challenge. It’s nice to take someone’s opinion into your hands, and to mercilessly crush it as they look on, helpless.


This is what I thought of his statement. Get out of mah haus!

Anyways, now he has a hard life ahead of him, because now he only likes lambic and other sour beer. Better celebrate his birthday right then!


Drie Fonteinen Armand ‘4 Zomer: Yes, yes this will do. Every time I open an Armand Season, it solidifies the fact that as delicious as fruited lambics are, top-tier geuzes are simply on another level. I need to go around and get more of these. A+


Better not leave any to waste.

About time I opened these

These being the three sour ambre beers from De Garde. One was aged in Pappy 20 barrels which were previously used to make Super Nebula, another was in cognac barrels, and the last was a particularly tasty cognac barrel.


De Garde Poppy Van Ambre: The most sour of the three and had the most ascetic taste up front. Pretty good though, I think some time has served it well since it was released.


De Garde Connak Ambre: Don’t ask me why Connak is spelled funny, but this one was slightly better than the bourbon version mostly due to a softer tartness.


De Garde Unblended Connak: This was the best of the three by far. It had a very pronounced orange peel taste to it, and if I didn’t have prior knowledge I would have guessed that this beer had orange peel in it or was aged in orange liqueur casks.


…and why the fuck not? This one is good, my favorite of the night. Super gin forward and floral.

Christmas Courtesy of Belgium!



Time to Celebrate Life

Well, my friend’s life anyway. Him and another friend are in Bishop to do some highball bouldering, aka “let’s climb for 50 feet without a rope”. So a bunch of us went and had a few beers to with them luck/celebrate their lives before they die.



Yeah, they want to climb this thing. So much NOPE.


Drie Fonteinen Hommage: Just as good, maybe better than Framboos? I can’t honestly decide, but it’s a proper send-off beer. Good luck climbing guys!

How to turn berliner into a monster

Adding black currants is the apparent answer…


10 Barrel Black Currant Crush: Turns out that adding black currants to a 2.3% beer makes an 8.5% beer….and it’s glorious. This beer is super juicy and a good berry presence. It’s not the kind of jammy sensation you get from a beer like Berry Bu, but it’s a light juiciness that suits the beer very well. Definitely going to come back for more of this beer.


Oh yeah…a friend of mine unexpectedly turned up with a 32oz Crowler of Barrel Aged Ten Fidy. It leaves an enormous mess when you pour it, but it is really damn good.

I want to try and drink a crowler solo.




It’s been a while since I last had Saint Lamvinus….and it’s delicious!

Imperial Peach Bu


This beer is pretty damn good, but I think I like Imperial Apricot better. Good thing batch 2 of Imperial Apricot is coming out soon!


Yeah, my buddy dropped this bomb on me when we were drinking at Upright.

The look on my face must have been pretty hilarious.


Drie Fonteinen Framboos: This was significantly better than the bottle I had a year or so ago. It was unbelievable how delicious this bottle was. Funky and tart up front, with an enormous raspberry sweetness on the end. That Atrial Rubicite I had the other day? Not even close to how good this is. I love Cantillon, but I think Drie Fonteinen is the superior brewery. If only the did more than just geuze, krieks, and framboise.