Really? You won’t give us a label?

My friend from Tahoe was unexpectedly in town, on his birthday. I pretty much walked into him with a few friends at Hair of the Dog last night. Things got a little crazy from there.

I was not ready.


Okay, regular Adam, this is reasonable.


Adam batch 6 (from 1994 I think), much less reasonable. Tastes like sherry, or port.


Doggie Claws from 2004? Really good actually, and worlds better than the monstrosity that is 2014 Doggie Claws. I was surprised how hoppy this beer was, since hops fade, and this beer would have been in 5th grade.


Soy sauce? Nope, it’s actually a bottle of Dave, but they didn’t have any labels for us, because of sketchy business practices.


Could be a $1,400 bottle of soy sauce, only one way to find out!


They were kind enough to give us a prop bottle for photo proof. So weird.


Hair of the Dog Dave: Okay story time. This beer was produced in 1994, and won first place at the 1998 Toronado Barley Wine Festival. The strength was achieved by taking 300 gallons of Adam and freezing it three times, leaving only 100 gallons. It’s actually illegal now for a brewery to freeze distill beer without a separate license…so this will never be made again. Time for tasting notes! This beer has the greatest amount of bitter dark chocolate I have ever experienced, and at 29% ABV, hides the booze presence really well. It almost feels like the heat from the alcohol is an extension of the bitter finish imparted by the chocolate flavors. Also, this beer has the longest finish out of anything I have ever tasted, you could still taste the beer a minute or two after each sip. Kind of ridiculous. Was it the best “whale” I’ve had? Nope. That honor would go to Blauw and M. See below:

DSC_6352 IMAG0073

We kept on drinking after the Dave, but I’ll save that post for later.

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