About time I opened these

These being the three sour ambre beers from De Garde. One was aged in Pappy 20 barrels which were previously used to make Super Nebula, another was in cognac barrels, and the last was a particularly tasty cognac barrel.


De Garde Poppy Van Ambre: The most sour of the three and had the most ascetic taste up front. Pretty good though, I think some time has served it well since it was released.


De Garde Connak Ambre: Don’t ask me why Connak is spelled funny, but this one was slightly better than the bourbon version mostly due to a softer tartness.


De Garde Unblended Connak: This was the best of the three by far. It had a very pronounced orange peel taste to it, and if I didn’t have prior knowledge I would have guessed that this beer had orange peel in it or was aged in orange liqueur casks.


…and why the fuck not? This one is good, my favorite of the night. Super gin forward and floral.

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