Birthday Boy Stuff

A friend of mine celebrated his birthday last week. Not that long ago, he said that “he didn’t really like beer”. I took this upon myself as a personal challenge. It’s nice to take someone’s opinion into your hands, and to mercilessly crush it as they look on, helpless.


This is what I thought of his statement. Get out of mah haus!

Anyways, now he has a hard life ahead of him, because now he only likes lambic and other sour beer. Better celebrate his birthday right then!


Drie Fonteinen Armand ‘4 Zomer: Yes, yes this will do. Every time I open an Armand Season, it solidifies the fact that as delicious as fruited lambics are, top-tier geuzes are simply on another level. I need to go around and get more of these. A+


Better not leave any to waste.

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