De Garde Marathon

With De Garde releasing so many beers lately, I had to make some space. My friends were able to lend me their livers!


De Garde Blu Bu: Aging very gracefully! Nice and tart up front, with tons of blueberry on the finish. A


De Garde The Lucy: Imagine an american spin on Cantillon’s Vigneronne. It’s really good, with super soft carbonation. A+


De Garde Imperial Strawberry Bu: This is awful. It was good fresh, but now it’s just rust, bandaids, and crushing sadness. F


De Garde Berry Bu: Not as sour as Blu Bu, but it is super jammy. I think this one takes the cake between the two. A


De Garde Deux Tetes: Lots of sulfur when this beer is first opened, but after a few minutes the smell dissipates. Nice and sour, with a funky and sweet apple finish. I like it, which is saying something, because I’m not a cider person. B+

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