People are bad influences.

Always wanting to drink beer, so much for being healthier in 2015!


De Garde Cafe Samson: I think my friend summed this one up pretty accurately, “it tastes like canned coffee in Asia”. C+


De Garde Maple Samson: Worlds better than Cafe Samson! Slightly tart, with very sweet maple flavors with a dash of bourbon. I wish this beer was just a big imperial stout instead of being a sour beer, because then it would be one of the best stouts out there. Unfortunately, due to the nature of brewing sour beers, De Garde won’t be able to make a non-sour beer unless they collaborate with someone and brew at their facility. B


Crooked Stave Petite Sour Blueberry: Much sweeter and less tart than De Garde’s Blu Bu or Imperial Blu Bu. This is very good, but I think this beer’s candy-like aspects make me lean towards De Garde’s offerings. Still very good though. B+/A-


New Glarus Serendipity: No, no I did not finish the glass of beer in this photo. It’s just straight jolly ranchers, but even sweeter. I can to give the rest of my glass to a girl, because girls love sweet shit. C+


Sante Adairius Cask Strawberry: This is way better than De Garde’s Imperial Strawberry Bu. That being said, we did get some band-aid flavors, most likely because we were looking to find that flavor in this beer. I’m convinced that strawberries should never be used in beer. B


Hill Farmstead Convivial Suarez: This beer is great, and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to try it. Hill Farmstead’s regular saisons are so good that I’m not sure if it’s worth paying 3 times the price to get one of their more special offerings. I’m excited to see what Suarez brews up when Wolves and People opens its doors, but I still think it’s dumb to have crowdfunded beer @ $30 a bottle or so before anyone has even tried the beer. Also, $30 in Oregon is hard to justify.

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