That’s it for Oregon

Last night was Oregon’s best chance at a winning a title game for years. Unfortunately, they had to play against a team that looked like a bunch of Uruk-Hai led by an enormous quarterback, who, after shrugging of Oregon linebackers over and over again, started to remind me a lot of this guy:


Anyways, a bunch of beer was consumed, some of it in happiness when Oregon scored, and most of it in sadness and Elliot and Jones proceeded to march through the Oregon defense.

New Glarus Cranbic: Way sweeter than I expected. Want moar sour.


De Garde Currant Gin Bu: Moar sourness achieved!


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Still one of HF’s best saisons, regardless of price.


Surly Pentagram: 6.66% ABV? They totally didn’t water down this beer to get to that ABV.


Sante Adairius Cask 200: I would say this beer is better than Arthur by a hair, but Brother Soigne takes it. I’ll just have to get more bottles of this to really decide.


De Garde The Boysen: Stupid good. Jammy and funky. I look forward to more De Garde sours that have spent more time in the barrels than their berliners.


Commons Creme de Peche: Less peach than I anticipated, but my mouth is also ruined at this point. Also, my happiness and hopes of Oregon winning against OSU were also ruined at this point.


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: Defeat beer.


Upright Fantasia: One defeat beer wasn’t enough, we needed two.


Bed time.

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