Fridge Rampage

So over the past few weeks, my fridge has been sprouting new beers, half of which I have no recollection of ever buying or trading for. Turns out my friend (who also trades beer) has been slowly stocking my fridge with his extra beer every time he comes over, but doesn’t end up opening all of them. It was time for some spring cleaning!



Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Barleywine: Not everyone had tried this beer yet, so we popped one open for the slackers.


Deschutes/Hair of the Dog Collage: Still a really interesting beer, but it might suffer from having too much going on at once.

IMAG3362 IMAG3363

De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu batches 1 (left) and 2 (right): Well, surprisingly, batch 1 handily won this comparison. More sour, with a riper apricot flavor than the more recent batch. We were thinking that this might be because apricots may have been better this last growing season. I’m not sure, but this is a case of, “batch 1 was better, move along”.


Cantillon Kriek: Well, you can’t always just hoard lambic. Sometimes you have to drink it. This is doing fantastic by the way, and I wish I had more.


De Garde Imperial Plum Bu: This is something I haven’t had yet! Nicely carbonated, with a subtle plum flavor. Of all the imperial bu variants, this one might be the easiest to drink. It’s fruity and sour, but is the least aggressive of the lot.


WILL IT BLEND?! Yes, yes it will.


Cantillon Fou Foune: Best beer of the night, easily. 2014 Fou Foune is a force to reckoned with. Prepare thy anus.

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