De Garde Keepers Q1

Saturday was De Garde’s first release of 2015 Keepers. Probably the best run release I’ve been to, with separate lines for allocations, public purchase bottles, and 4 different tap stations. Lines were not bad, people were friendly, and there was more than enough space for everyone after the latest expansion.


Keepers allocations, all sorted and split up by trustee


Regular release bottles are in the back. So many beers!


De Garde Imperial Black Raz Bu: Look at that color, mmmmm. Super jammy, with just a little bit of funk and more than a little bit of tartness. This is a fantastic beer, but I would give it some time to develop more funk.


Imperial Purple Bu: Keepers beer, blend of Imperial Black Raz and Imperial Raz Bu’s. I don’t know if I like this or Imperial Black Raz more, but it’s very close. You still have that classic de garde fruit bomb, with lots of tartness up front.


De Garde Biere Noir: Okay, time to bring in the complexity! Biere Noir takes a lot longer to make than the berliners, and has picked up a bunch of funkiness along the way. The black raspberries tossed into this beer make it very unique among the american sour beers as well. I want Drie Fonteinen to put black raspberries into their beer sometime.


Oh look, a whale! Not a lambic, but this witbier brewed by Cantillon 4 years ago was really good! I was pleasantly surprised, it may have been the best beer I had out of the bottle share. I didn’t get any Isabelle Proximus though.


Enginehouse #9/De Garde Deux Ex Machina: So, this is pretty darn good, it looks like De Garde can brew a decent stout when they aren’t using their thoroughly soured beer system.


De Garde Imperial Something Something.


So many boxes….

Until next time boys!

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