Commons V3.0

Commons opened up their brand new space on Friday, the 28th, but I was still in Colorado, so I did my best and visited the day after. But first, I dropped into Upright for their 6th Anniversary.


Mmmm, the 6th Anniversary blend is basically the same beer as the 5th Anniversary, with some minor tweaks. It’s very good, better than 5th Anniversary was when it first came out.


A Wakefield Beer?! /insertjokeaboutreservesocietieshere.

Regardless of the status of their membership program, this strawberry lemonade berliner is pretty good.


Ahh, the new space for the Commons, it’s beautiful.


The old 7-barrel system that Commons used to use will be now used for R&D batches.


So much natural light, this is a much better place than the previous location for Commons.


Citrus Myrtle: Very tasty and refreshing, bring summer on. Can’t wait to crush this crisp, lightly tart and fruity beer in 80+ degree weather.


Oh that’s right, there’s now a cheese window at Commons now too.


Not a Commons beer, but this was fantastic.


Commons Buckwheat Grissette: This was also very tasty. Commons might be the new go-to beer for me for drinking outside.


Oh yeah, this happened too!

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