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Going Away Party

One of my friends is moving back to California, so he proposed a bottleshare at his favorite beer shop. Why did it have to be a Wednesday at 7:30PM?


Short warm-up


Batch #6, really, really good. Probably the best batch of West Ashley I’ve had. Great balance between funk and apricot.


Gin bomb.


Couldn’t taste this one after the previous 2 beers…


Sour berlinerweiss from the Bruery. Not actually a berliner, but at a measly 8%, it is probably one of the Bruery’s lighter beers.


Eclipse Rittenhouse Rye: Better than Masterpiece.

IMAG3704 IMAG3705

I like the new Olde Hickory labels. The beer is also good.

IMAG3706 IMAG3708

New bottles from pFriem.




NOT GOOD. Veritas 013. As Uli said to me two years ago, “this beer should not have been sold”


Crooked Stave Batch 60: Like a super fancy Hose.

IMAG3711 IMAG3712

Firestone Walker does good sour beers, but should sell them in big bottles.




Actually pretty good!


Tastes like……Christmas.


Might be my favorite beer from Trillium so far! Very good in this sea of sours and stouts!


Why would you bury wizards?!




Addition of coffee ice cream is nice.


Troegs: This brings back lots of nostalgia for my college days when Flying Mouflan was still just Scratch #4


This is an old bottle, it’s very good, but a shadow of its former self.


I don’t even remember this beer.


This tasted like water. It was meh, like most Side Projects I’ve had. Perhaps I lack the nuance and sophistication required to appreciate these.


Toppling Goliath SR-71: Remember a little while back when I had the new batch of Assassin and said it was really, really good (which was way better than b1 btw)? This beer is not nearly as tasty. It spent too long in the barrels in my opinion, and the barrel character of the beer has basically eliminated any flavor of stout this beer used to have.


This was tasty! I still hate the name of the brewery though.


Ending on lambic. Time to go home and sleeeeeeeep

Oh hey there.

Two box day, all from the same brewery!


Cute little box of tasty things, can’t wait to have this year’s version.


Da fuq.

Green Diamonds

I guess that’s a new name for hops?


Anyways, it’s pretty good! Never had anything from Other Half, but after having Green Diamonds, I’ll have to seek out some of their other stuff. I also like that more breweries are canning IPAs. That’s how it should be.

Casey, all of the Casey

I haven’t had many beers from Casey Brewing and Blending, but I think this tasting fixed all that.


 IMAG3669 IMAG3670 IMAG3671

Turns out these three beers were my favorite of the day. Balaton is the winner.


Brett Loves Citra: Very, very good. Like a fancy version of De Garde’s Hose, but with much softer acidity.


Casey Oak Theory: Huge surprise at the taste of this beer. It tastes just like a very young lambic, funk and all. Pro-tip, cellar the hell out of these.


Casey Advanced Oak Theory: I love how the whiskey barrels have changed this beer, but the finish is super diacetyl. Do not want buttered popcorn flavors in my beer 😦


Casey Saison: Really, fucking good. Damn.


Casey East Bank: Also delicious.


Casey East Bank w/honey: A beer that has honey in it where I can actually taste the honey?! GOD DAMN.


Casey Peach Fruit Stand: no peaches to be found here. Makes me sad, but other than that the beer is good.


Casey Blackberry Fruit Stand: Very tasty, but I was expecting more blackberry here.

General takeaway: Casey beers are very good, but do not expect the same kind of fruit bombs that De Garde drops on your palate. The fruit seems to be used as an accent to the main flavors of the base beer, while De Garde’s approach is to highlight the fruit itself, with the base beer used as a foundation of the fruity assault on your senses.


Yep, fruitiest beer of the day.

He Will Never Learn.

IMAG3641 IMAG3643

This is going to turn into a game.

Poor Life Choices

Don’t do a beer bracket with imperial stouts. Just…don’t.


But of course, we did.

Time to warm up, stretch those hammies.


Not good enough, still have some knots in my livery bits.


Getting closer…


Okay, feelin’ nice and warmed up. Let’s do this.

IMAG3634 IMAG3633

First match-up: Westbrook 4th Anniversary vs Westbrook 3rd Anniversary: Both are tasty, but Westbrook 3rd squeaked past because the 4th Anniversary tried to juggle too many adjuncts.

Winner: Westbrook 3rd Anniversary

IMAG3635 IMAG3636

Next up, Westbrook Mexican Cake vs Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout (jesus it’s a long name): As much as I like Mexican Cake, Speedway wins hands down with its delicious cold-brew coffee flavor. One person who claimed to hate coffee actually liked it. We’ll save her hate for coffee for another time.

IMAG3637 IMAG3638

Block 15 Super Nebula vs Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout: BCBCS unanimously wins here. If it were a different vintage of Super Nebula, things could easily be different.

IMAG3639 IMAG3640

Three Floyds Dark Lord vs Central Waters 16: Dark Lord…….loses by a country mile. You could have put this up against Bud Light Chelada and it would still lose. Central Waters 16 laughs all the way to our livers.

Westbrooke 4th Anniversary vs. Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway: Speedway wins.

BCBCS vs Central Waters 16: CW 16 wins by a slim margin. First time it actually had a decent opponent too.

Speedway vs CW16: CW squeaks by with a 1-vote discrepancy between it and Speedway.

God my everything hurts.


THIS IS NOT HELPING, but I like it.


Still not helping, but I also like it. Look at that guy’s face in the reflection of the tulip glass. Looks like Slenderman.



Kind of.


Thank god it’s not a stout. Winner!


This was a stupid decision.

Commons V3.0

Commons opened up their brand new space on Friday, the 28th, but I was still in Colorado, so I did my best and visited the day after. But first, I dropped into Upright for their 6th Anniversary.


Mmmm, the 6th Anniversary blend is basically the same beer as the 5th Anniversary, with some minor tweaks. It’s very good, better than 5th Anniversary was when it first came out.


A Wakefield Beer?! /insertjokeaboutreservesocietieshere.

Regardless of the status of their membership program, this strawberry lemonade berliner is pretty good.


Ahh, the new space for the Commons, it’s beautiful.


The old 7-barrel system that Commons used to use will be now used for R&D batches.


So much natural light, this is a much better place than the previous location for Commons.


Citrus Myrtle: Very tasty and refreshing, bring summer on. Can’t wait to crush this crisp, lightly tart and fruity beer in 80+ degree weather.


Oh that’s right, there’s now a cheese window at Commons now too.


Not a Commons beer, but this was fantastic.


Commons Buckwheat Grissette: This was also very tasty. Commons might be the new go-to beer for me for drinking outside.


Oh yeah, this happened too!

The Source

I visited my friend in Boulder for a few days and before I flew out of Denver we stopped by the Source on the way to the airport. One of the coolest places I’ve been to in a long time.


It’s a re-purposed steel mill that now houses several great restaurants, a cheesemonger, a butcher shop, some nifty art pieces, a liquor store, and….


Crooked Motherfucking Stave.


My inner beer geek squealed a bit. I had a great time there and can’t wait until the Crooked Stave guys come to Portland for the Craft Beer Conference.



Yep, cause I can’t be drinking beer all the time.

RIP Bogart

My friend’s family dog passed away after a long battle with cancer. The end of his life consisted of eating T-bone steaks and barking at the families of raccoons that lived on the property. Little to his knowledge, his humans had been going through 50 lb bags of dog food each week in order attract the raccoons for Bogart to bark at.

RIP Bogart, the stalwart guardian of the house, protecting it from the vicious raccoons that threatened his humans every night.

I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the dog in the darkness. I am the watcher at the door. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to this House, for this night and all the nights to come.

…and now his watch has ended.