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It’s been a while since I dropped by Commons and Cheese Annex, so I fixed that issue.


Field and Furrow: Very tasty and light. I should order a keg of this beer for the next beer pong party.


Short break with a grilled cheese with soprasata


Baltic Porter: So freaking good, this gives Everett a run for its money in my opinion.


I need more Alpine

I love how much Alpine is left in Portland after CBC. Just relaxing outside with some Duet and Hoppy Birthday. Life is hard.

IMAG0227 IMAG0228

Fitness Check


Yep, still got it.

An excuse to drink? Okay!

My friend is getting married soon, and most of his friends aren’t beer geeks/kind of suck, so we drank without them 🙂



Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne b1: So this beer is a couple years old now, and it’s the best bottle I’ve ever had. As much as I like Brother Soigne fresh, it might just be better with more age to it. More tart, and more lingering sweetness on the end, with some nicely developed funk as well. A+


We may have played this Neutral Milk Hotel song a few times while drinking this beer.


Cantillon 5oN4E: This beer is aging really well too. Nice cantillon classic gueuze flavors up front, with some really delicate barrel and sweetness on the finish. One of the more nuanced beers from Cantillon that I’ve had. One thing to note though, carbonation was pretty low on my bottle, but I’ve experienced more carbonation in other bottles in the past. Good thing the carbonation level didn’t bother me at all! A+


De Garde Petit Lee: Insert joke about how I’m a short Asian here.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Great beer as always, and as always I’m still waiting for Sticky Cans.


Hill Farmstead Flora b5: My favorite batch of Flora, but as Flora tends to fall off as it gets older, I better start drinking my bottles quickly! This bottle was still great, and would have been the best beer of the night if 50N4E wasn’t there to rain on its parade! A+


Why do we always open high ABV beers towards the end?! WHY?!!!!!


De Garde Citra Hose: This beer tastes like mangosteens. WHICH IS AMAZING.


FUUUUUUUCK. Marshmallows.


De Garde Cherry Rum Bu: I had this beer when it first came out, and there was no rum to be found. However, I’m happy to say that a year later there is rum! A gentle rum-flavored sweetness is hanging out on the finish of this beer. This beer matched our unnaturally warm weather really well. A


First haul as I wage war on the secondary market for Drie Fonteinen Framboos.


Late GoT

So, I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and I’m thoroughly disappointed in the Unsullied. I had no idea that they were the medieval version of stormtroopers.


Also, they made Ser Barristan kind of lame. He’s supposed to be the fucking yoda of the series. BAH

Anyways, I drank some beer.


De Garde Petit Amarillo: Of the dry hopped De Garde beers I’ve had so far, this may be the best expression of a hop variety I have come across. This is like a punch of Amarillo hops followed by a tart and tangy finish. Really digging this one.


After getting my mouth viciously and happily assaulted by Petit Amarillo, I can’t say I could really taste this one :(.

Go to sleep, poor poor liver.

After De Garde’s Anniversary party, I returned to Portland to go to the Timbers game, where we should have won, but the universe said, “no, you’re just going to draw, again”.

At least I didn’t watch the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.

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