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Wow I’m behind….

Haven’t been good about updating the blog lately. Time for some catch up!

Had a bunch of Toppling Goliath IPAs to work through last week, so we watched Fury and A New Hope and crushed them all:.

IMAG0487 IMAG0492 IMAG0491  IMAG0489

Pseudo Sue was my favorite.

Sending Beer

One of us climbed a really hard climbing route last weekend, so we had some sending beers lined up for him:

IMAG0488 IMAG0490

Birth of Tragedy was a 2012 bottle, and is probably a top 5 stout for me at this point. It’s faultless.

We’re drunk, keep going.

IMAG0493 IMAG0494 IMAG0496

Upright Blend Edmunds won, with Quetsche taking a close second.

More boxes

I love SARA, especially when I don’t have to deal with Bay Area traffic to get it 🙂



Back to trading.

Yay beer!


Random Drinking

Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier a few days ago and had a couple beers with some friends, nothing crazy.

IMAG0453 IMAG0454

Homemade Framboos

Yep, let’s get this sucker started. My friend has an incredible amount of raspberry bushes in his yard, so he picked some specifically for this purpose.


French press and an immersion blender!


So much puree.


So many nucleation sites for bubbles to form. It took some time to get these glasses full, but my god, was it fucking delicious!


We did the same with fresh Hood River strawberries too.