Cause for Celebration

So I’ve been working on a rock climbing route outside on lead, and I finally got it! It was terrifying….but I get to have some celebration beers!


Bruery Mocha Wednesday: Dehydrated? Check, 19.2% beer? Check!


Commons Trillium: This beer has really taken off, probably my favorite Commons beer to date! I really like Commons, but I think they might be releasing them a few months too early, since their bottles come out just about perfect after aging in my closet for a few months.


This was a great and terrible idea. Willet 11yr bottle #768 is the winner.


Jester King Sin Frontera: Smarties.


Uli/BrauArt Lambik Peated Weizen: If you don’t like Islay, you will hate this beer, but if you do, this thing is absolutely awesome. I’ll never get the chance to have something like this ever again.

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