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Pull-tab bottle caps?! Because what, regular bottle caps and screw tops were too much of a hassle?!

Oh i missed you!!!!


Real beer tastes sooooooo goooooood. So much better than the watery, light-stricken swill you find in beer jail.


Also, a pretty nice box showed up while I was away 🙂

Forgot about this one


Pretty sure this was my last beer before going to Beer Purgatory….

Beer Purgatory

Back in Beervana after 2 weeks in China! Wooooo!

More T-Rex

I’m just going to drink one or two of these for the rest of the month I think.


T-Rex for Days.


Oh this is gonna be gooooooood.



Bourbon County?!

Vanilla Rye on draft is super good. Way better than from the bottle, mainly because it doesn’t taste like a marshmallow.


Dangerous Times


Yeah, this is a growler of Ballast Point’s Heaven Hill Barrel-Aged Victory At Sea. God that was a long name, but befitting to a beer that absolutely crushed my liver with its delicious rye, bourbon, chocolate, and tobacco notes. Easily better than BCBS.

IMAG0507 IMAG0510

Now that I’m drunk, might as well drink some more. Cafe Americano was terrible compared to the Victory at Sea, and Cantillon is always delicious. Always.

Let them drink cake


Mmmmm, cake.

Timbers vs Sounders

We won 4-1!!!! Fuck Seattle!


Pre-game beers don’t really get any better than this. Perfect for the really, really hot weather.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: This beer is only getting better, I’m really sad this is gone. The Grand Mariner barrels have really started to shine through, and this beer finishes super dry with some slight bitterness. Pretty much perfect.


Drie Fonteinen Armand & Tommy: This beer is extraordinary, but I still don’t see how this beer is considered to be more desirable than the Armand ‘4 Seasons. This might be as good or slightly better than Winter, but the other 3 Seasons crush it. Opens bright and tart, followed by grassy, musky earthiness, like walking among a bunch of hay bales. A++