Wow, I haven’t been back in a while.

Since I’ve been running around and traveling so much lately, I really haven’t had a chance to drop into de Garde and hang out with the fantastic people there. Glad to say I was able to fix that this past weekend.


de Garde Framiscus: Wow holy jeezus. This beer veers away from the fruit bomb territory of the past few Bu’s and jumps into the funk game. That being said, this beer is still bursting with raspberries. If you were able to get bottles of this beer last week, drink one now, then take your other two and hide them in the back of the closet, cause this one is gonna get good!


de Garde Apricot Bu: Probably the best batch of Apricot Bu thus far, it is simply bursting with that fresh apricot skin flavor. Where is that orange juice, I want to make a bu-mosa.


de Garde The Unblended: Good, but I want carbonation 😦


de Garde Black Raz Bu: Awwwwww, not nearly as good as b1. Has none of the funk or tartness of the previous batch, and is simply too sweet for me.

Great time at de Garde as always, and it looks like I won’t be able to make it back for another month, because I have to go back to beer purgatory. Do not pass go, do not tick 200 beers.



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