First of the losers

Is how I felt when I lost by a single point in Settlers of Catan on Friday. So close, yet so far.


Trillium Double Dry Hopped Sleeper Street: So, I was never a big fan of Trillium up until recently, but mostly because I had never had their IPAs with less than a month of time on them. These fresh bottles though, I get it. It all makes sense now.


Hill Farmstead Clara: Apparently this beer is good now? The first batch kind of tasted like chalk, but this has that signature Hill Farmstead flavor profile. Part farmhouse funk, part dandruff from Shaun Hill’s neckbeard.

The guys I was hanging out with haven’t been in Portland long, so we decided to visit a few older de Garde beers. It was for science, and ticks.

IMAG1303 IMAG1306 IMAG1305 IMAG1304


They also combined to make a great coovie. So much jam and probiotics!


Bring on moar Trillium that doesn’t suck! Also, this was something like an 8% “pale ale”. I’m calling bullshit, right now. Full fledged IPA right here.


Seeing Wicked Weed bottles now makes me think of what JWB labels might look like if they had taste.


Also, fucking hop owls. Their beer may have declined as of late, but I really like their logo. It’s awesome.

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