Visiting friends?! Let’s drink!


A friend from NYC visited Portland for the weekend and had been brewery hopping all day. So naturally after meeting up with me, we drank some more. Funny that we started things with an East Coast IPA.


Interesting extra that a friend got in a trade. Cool detail is that the beer is named after climbing harnesses. Too bad I didn’t wear a harness when I drank this.


Treehouse That’s What She Said: Probably the best milk stout that I’ve had in memory. Super tasty with a little bit of sweetness.


de Garde Roseberry: Great beer with a fantastic nose, just tons of rosemary in the smell. On the other hand, not much to be found in the taste, if any. I actually like that.


Crooked Stave Flor d’Lees: Super tasty with an incredible nose, might be slightly thin on mouthfeel though.

DSC_04991 DSC_05001

Mmmmm Prairie stouts. Vanilla Noir won this battle.


de Garde The Duo: I think that this beer is just getting better and better with age, and it has this nice gin-like finish. I know a few friends who prefer this to Broken Truck, and I can see why.


All of the berries. You just can’t beat de Garde when it comes to berry treatments of sour beer.

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