Christmas Eve Drinking

You guys will have to forgive my tardiness, it was a really serious week of drinking and just looking at the photos made my stomach feel weird.


Best beer from De Molen, hands down.


de Garde Lee Noir: Old de Garde beers are aging pretty well. The slight sherry flavors due to oxidation have really brought another dimension to this already tasty brew.


You can never have too much BA Ten Fidy. It’s simply too good.


Sadly, this 2012 bottle of Abyss was not nearly as tasty.


de Garde Stone Bu: Oh my god is this beer sour. It’s delicious once it’s burnt away your taste buds, but those first three sips are really quite painful.


Bruery Rum Barrel Black Tuesday: WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!!!!! It was actually very tasty, but my god please make it 12%.


New Glarus R&D 2015 Golden Ale: Very tasty beer, makes me want to start dabbling in more R&D beers.


de Garde Belle Ensemble: Extremely tasty, with a nice tartness that lasts through the taste, and a bit of funk to balance it back out.

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