More beer, because it was a long week

Been pretty busy over the last week, so it was nice to unwind with a bunch of friends over some beer.


Upright 6th Anniversary Saison: Delicious as always, but maybe eating a bunch of fried chicken beforehand ruined my palate.


Council Brewing Beatitude: This beer has a very similar acid profile to de Garde and had some nice fruit to back it up. I don’t know much about Council, but what I have had from them so far has been tasty. Look forward to trying more of their things.


Hill Farmstead Fear and Trembling: So…..this is probably the best baltic porter I’ve ever had. Maybe Hill Farmstead should give up their IPAs and just do porters full time. Incredible beer.


Hill Farmstead Everett: And now the best regular porter I’ve ever had. This beer is perfect in every way.


Hill Farmstead Flora BBR: This is Hill Farmstead’s Beaucoup Berry Bu. All of the berries! Not as jammy or fruity as de Garde’s Beaucoup Berry Bu, but has a much more complex base. Both are fantastic, and I don’t think I could pick between the two.


Ale Apothecary Fresh Hop Sahalie: Best bottle of Sahalie I’ve had in a long time. I usually avoid Ale Apothecary because I believe their beer simply isn’t worth the price tag, but this one is very good, worth the $30 or whatever it costs.


Hill Farmstead Leaves of Grass: This beer was pretty boring compared to the beers leading up to this, didn’t taste like much. Gotta love palate fatigue.


John Wakefield Brewing Harbinger: As much flack as this brewery gets, they know how to make great beer. This beer is what Grey Monday can only dream of being. Fantastic hazelnut flavor here, without being overbearing. Best stout I’ve had in a long time.


Hill Farmstead Civil Disobedience 15: MANGOES.

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