Lambic Pre-Game

Was lucky enough to score a reservation at Langbaan over the weekend, so we decided to drink a little bit of lambic before heading to dinner.


DHvL 20th Anniversary: Very tasty, but oh my god so overcarbonated. Paled in comparison with the beers that followed.


Cantillon Fou Foune 2010: Okay, so this bottle ties the oldest bottle of Cantillon that I’ve had in terms of year bottled vs year opened. 6 years later this beer has followed suit with the last old Fou Foune that I had, incredibly sour, but once you take a sip or two, everything calms down and you can really get into that funk and apricot. However, your palate might be ruined after this. Worth it!

Now, onto the main beer!


Drie Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera: Oh my glorious zombie Jesus.This beer reminds me very strongly of the first batch of Cantillon’s 50N4E. I know this beer isn’t cognac barrel aged, but it has the same characteristic of opening with strong lambic notes and then finishing with pronounced notes of some spirit (cognac/sherry). In my opinion, this is the best beer to have come out of Drie Fonteinen since the Armand ‘4 Seasons. I wish I could get myself a bottle or two, but I might just have to resort to begging for baby pours instead. 😦

This is what we ate afterwards, was very, very tasty.

IMAG2051 IMAG2052 IMAG2053 IMAG2054 IMAG2055 IMAG2056 IMAG2057 IMAG2058 IMAG2059 IMAG2060

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