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Mint Chocolate Chip Stout


Perennial’s Mint Chocolate Chip Stout is pretty good. Tastes like booze and ice cream.

Pulp Free

Do I like the collaboration between Fat Heads and Breakside that was made for Growler Guys?


Yes, I do quite a bit.

Not Science.

Here’s that other stuff.

IMAG2235 IMAG2236

IMAG2238 IMAG2239 IMAG2240

I Like Science.

After the Timbers beat San Jose on Saturday I decided that it was time to apply science to a few beers.

First beer was Cantillon Mammouche. A lot of people don’t like this beer. I think it’s merely okay. However, I was told that the best way to enjoy this beer is to decant the beer for an hour or so first. So, with Amazon’s help, I got myself a decanter.


Look at that almost nose pick. So close. Anyways, Mammouche is great once it has been decanted. I will probably have to go find some more just so I can repeat this experiment in the future. Result: Success!

Next up, a flat but tasty beer that I wanted to check in on to see if it had carbonated yet:


Answer: BARELY CARBONATED, but that’s awesome. I think I’m going to let the rest of my bottles sit around for another year before I check in on them again. That being said, this beer was my favorite of the night, and even just having a tiny bit of bubbles made it a vast improvement over the beer when it was fresh.

Those other beers

So I had some Casey Family Preserves over the weekend. Here’s the other stuff we drank:

IMAG2229 IMAG2228


IMAG2224 IMAG2232 IMAG2231

Casey Family Preserves

It was really nice out here in Portland over the weekend. Of course I stayed inside and drank beer with my buddies instead. Worth it.

IMAG2230 IMAG2223 IMAG2222 IMAG2233

Okay, so I preferred the Casey Family Preserves in order from best to least tasty: Nectarine, Cherry, Grape, and Plum. Please note, all of these beers were very poopy when they were opened and poured. It’s best to let them breathe for two minutes or so before sticking your face into your glass.

Dat Bu Glass.


Sometimes it’s all about drinking one of your favorite beers out of your favorite glass. Go kittehs go!