I Like Science.

After the Timbers beat San Jose on Saturday I decided that it was time to apply science to a few beers.

First beer was Cantillon Mammouche. A lot of people don’t like this beer. I think it’s merely okay. However, I was told that the best way to enjoy this beer is to decant the beer for an hour or so first. So, with Amazon’s help, I got myself a decanter.


Look at that almost nose pick. So close. Anyways, Mammouche is great once it has been decanted. I will probably have to go find some more just so I can repeat this experiment in the future. Result: Success!

Next up, a flat but tasty beer that I wanted to check in on to see if it had carbonated yet:


Answer: BARELY CARBONATED, but that’s awesome. I think I’m going to let the rest of my bottles sit around for another year before I check in on them again. That being said, this beer was my favorite of the night, and even just having a tiny bit of bubbles made it a vast improvement over the beer when it was fresh.

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