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Sometimes a whale cow.


Mmmmm, orange juice. Wtf is the lumberjack doing with a mug, he should have proper stemware. What a turd.

I used my DSLR again!!!!


I feel proud of myself.

Bu! Special herbs!


Yep, photo is exactly as advertised. I keep on kicking myself for not using my DSLR more often. One day I’ll get there.

Timbers WIN!

4-2! The game was pretty rough, with some questionable calling resulting in PKs for both sides. Also, a red card issued after the final whistle? I have to admit that I’ve never seen that before. Whatever, I’ll take the win, thanks. NO MORE LOSING STREAK FOR US!

DSC_0741 DSC_0742

Annyong is good, but that Saison Melange No. 5 is an absolute beauty!

Beach Run

Had to put some miles on the car the other day, so I drove to the beach and back with two stops along the way.

Nevor Shellfish and de Garde.



Looking clean, but then it rained 😦

Drunk Jenga

IMAG2368 IMAG2374 IMAG2373 IMAG2372 IMAG2371 IMAG2370 IMAG2369

It was a good time, did lots of arm wrestling, viking rowing, and describing the types of drunk people. If anyone asks, I’m the hungry drunk.

Breaking in the new island

Got a new kitchen island to replace my shitty IKEA island. Had to christen it properly. These aren’t in any particular order, you’ll survive.


Wicked Weed Genesis: Quite tasty, but I’m really not getting tropical fruits here….more like another version of Russian River Temptation.


4 Hands Brewing Madagascar: I’m sorry to say this, but you were an okay beer, but too much carbonation plus many other tastier beers led you to being dumped into the sink at 3:30AM. Maybe next time we’ll budget livers accordingly. Or not.


Central Waters Cassian Sunset: Uhhhhhhh, it had a thin mouthfeel but smelled awesome. Yes, memory is incredible.


The Rare Barrel Becoming: I really like this beer despite being a small Rare Barrel hater. This beer reminds me of a Sante Adairius beer more than an Rare Barrel one. Praise doesn’t get much higher than that.


Dieu du Ciel! Double Barrel Peche Mortel: HOLY GOD I LOVE THIS BEER. I find it kind of hilarious that it’s hard to find a barrel aged beer these days with only one adjunct. God have mercy on us all.


Looks like I had this beer twice trololol.


Hair of the Dog Matt: This 2013 bottle is absolutely singing right now. Tons of apple brandy and the slight oxidation cuts the sweet nature of the beer. I think we opened this at 2AM, so we’re all very smart.


ALL BOW DOWN TO THE KITTEH. Seriously though, Biere Rouge is drinking fantastic right now, and is a great palate cleanser to all the dark beers we had been drinking previously.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek: This 2011 (2013 cork date) bottle is picking up an enormous amount of funk. I really like it. Best beer of the night!


Until this motherfucker came in and blew all of our collective minds. Bow down to Drie Fonteinen’s Armand ‘4 Herfst!