de Garde 3rd Anniversary

This past weekend was de Garde’s 3rd Anniversary party, which took place over two sessions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I think about 400 people showed up for each session, to partake in some fantastic de Garde beers being pours, as well as a few fantastic guest beers from other breweries. On top of all that, each person in attendance had the right to purchase an allocation of 10 bottles of beer totaling $120.


de Garde/Great Notion Sometimes a Great Cow: This IPA collaboration between de Garde and a brand new New England style IPA brewery in Portland result in a beer that is straight juice. It tastes like passionfruit and oranges. This style of beer is becoming so well defined that I’m not sure an IPA is even the right name for this style of beer, as a regular beer drinker would never be able to recognize these beers as IPAs. I think we should call them JPAs – Juice Pale Ales.


de Garde The Flor: I guess this beer is spiritually similar to Drie Fonteinen’s Zenne y Frontera, as it is a non-fruited sour beer aged in a spirit not typically used for aging beer. This beer is bracingly sour with not as much funk as I was expecting. However, the finish is pure sherry, and maybe brandy? It’s very different from most sours, and the finish comes on very strong. I suspect that letting this bottle breathe before drinking might do it some good. Thankfully, I have a bottle as part of the party allocation and plan to decant this thing for an hour or so before drinking. Should be a good time!


de Garde Imperial Blackberry Bu: Of course this beer is tasty. Down the hatch it goes!


Oh look, I found other Asians with Cantillon parody shirts! Yellow is the Portland chapter, while the blue shirted gentlemen represent the San Diego contingent of Asian beer geeks. God speed gentlemen!


Oh look here, The Broken Truck No. 2 magnums! I was fortunate enough to get the first pour out of the first magnum, partially because I’m friends with Lindsey and Trevor, and mostly because I’m a huge nagging asshole.


This guy has the right idea. Special version of Oakshire’s Hellshire, meant to emulate a barrel aged Hunahpu, while trying to drink Voodoo’s rye version of Black Magick simultaneously.


Get excited for this beer. I can’t freaking wait!!!

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