More Stouts

Went and watched Civil War last week with a friend. Since the movie theater we were going to had crappy beer, we decided to have something nicer before heading over.


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This 2012 bottle is insane, just incredibly fudgy with minimal alcohol burn. There is a little bit of oxidation, but it’s cutting the heavy fudge flavors quite nicely.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: I haven’t had this beer in ages, but I remember really liking it last time around, despite not having a ton of citrus and Grand Marinier flavors (I think this beer was aged in former Grand Mariner casks). This time around there’s a ton more orange going on in this beer, and it’s awesome. If this is what an citrus adjunct stout can taste like, more people should do it and stop beating the dead horse that is the cinnamon, chili, hazelnut, beard yeast adjunct stout.

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