So I was in Europe for a week and a half at the end of June, and have just been really bad at keeping up with older posts that I never finished writing, and I apologize for that. However, I doubt many of you mind that I’m a little behind on content as long as it’s you know, halfway entertaining. On that note, after flying from Portland, OR and landing in Brussels, I went straight to Cantillon from the airport. Fuck checking into airbnbs.,


I’ll have you know that it’s hard work taking photos of beer while looking like your stereotypical Asian tourist, especially while fatigued. The things I do for you guys.


Cantillon Lambic D’Aunis: In collaboration with Les Vins Contés. Brewed with the pinot d’aunis grape, but not dry hopped like the previous batches. Thanks to RateBeer for that description. To my knowledge it was simply a new batch of Pinot D’Aunis, which is one of the whaliest beers in all beer geekdom. This beer is only available on sight save for a handful of bottles that made it to festival or were available for sale at Cantillon Quintessence. This beer was extremely good, but not nearly as wine forward as some of the de Garde wine offerings, but far more balanced.


Cantillon 2007 Classic Gueuze: One of the best beers of the trip, proves that even commoner’s lambic can be great as long as you give it time. Incredibly funky with a moderate level of sourness, there’s really no way you can replicate the way an old geuze tastes without the use of time, and a lot of it.


Cantillon Zwanze 2012: For 2012’s Zwanze Day, Jean made a lambic with rhubarb, identical to the beer he made for 2008’s Zwanze Day. I can say that I’ve never had either of those beers, up until now. Wow, this beer is just incredible, with the rhubarb right there in the middle of the taste without encroaching on flavors normally found in lambic. I think sour beer brewers need to start following Jean’s example and start using rhubarb in their beer.


Cantillon Zwanze 2013: This one was not very good…….


Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise: So I’ve apparently been pronouncing this beer incorrectly for years, because it turns out the “s” is not silent like you think it would be. Oh well. a 2010 Lou Pepe Framboise really hits the spot, and turns out to be my first fruit bomb beer on my trip. It will not be the last.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek: 2nd fruit bomb encountered. I’ve drank tons of this vintage (2010) of Lou Pepe Kriek, but there’s something about drinking it in the brewery, surrounded by funk and friends, that makes it a surreal experience. Also, oak, funk, and all the cherry flavors were welcome too.


Cantillon Fou Foune: Fresh bottles of Fou Foune are something else. I really like the 2011 bottle that I opened a few months ago, and I might even like it better than this particular bottle of fresh Fou Foune, but the fresh version is definitely more unique. I love myself some carbonated apricot juice.


Cantillon Carignan: Another wine grape lambic from Cantillon, this time with, you guessed it, carignan grapes. This beer is good, but is definitely not as tasty as the Lambic D’Aunis.


Okay, so while those other grape Cantillon lambics were very good, this beer still takes the cake for me. I love this beer, and if given the chance I would hoard the shit out  of it.

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