Rome was the next stop in my Europe trip, and I had known beforehand that a stop at Brasserie 4:20 was a requirement. With that knowledge, my friends and I rolled into the bar with some beer from Portland to share with the staff there. It paid off. Anyways, let’s get to the photos!


They had a magnum of Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze from 2004. Naturally that was the first thing we ordered.


I have to admit, the more messed up the label is, the more excited I get. This bottle has seen some shit.


Best beer of the trip, hands down. Funky, cheesy, some mushroom flavors that you only find in older beers, while still maintaining lively carbonation and a nice citrus finish. I could drink that beer for the rest of my life.


Then the shenanigans started.


But not before we tried to order a 2002 Oude Geuze, but they were sold out. Instead, they brought us a 2008 Oude Geuze. It was spectacular.


Me: Dude, is that scotch?!

Matt: Yeh it is!!!!!


These were not trivial pours, I would estimate them to be in between 3 and 4 oz….we were in trouble.


Oh nevermind, Brian was there to save the day!


Several of these were accomplished. Meanwhile, I drank a 2006 Oude Geuze by myself. I was very happy with how things turned out.

The following morning was not as happy.

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