Brews for New Avenues

First of all, I would like to congratulate Brews for New Avenues for raising $150,000 this year! That’s more than all the previous years combined! There’s nothing like having a good time drinking incredible beer with all your friends while contributing to a good cause.


There was a line before the event started so we went down the street to Upright for a warmup pint. It was not the greatest decision I’ve made but it seemed smart at the time.


There were some excellent T-shirts in attendance for the event.


I like the new logo for this year!


The calm before the storm.


So many bottles for the VIP silent auction!!!

20160827_143359 20160827_143803 20160827_143816

Just a sample of some of the cool things available for auction. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything during the silent auction.

20160827_144147 20160827_152203 20160827_195412 20160827_143010

Seriously delicious beer.


Friends are eagerly awaiting the oyster hour.


Shigoku oysters from Taylor Shellfish. These are great, but I think I prefer Torkes from Nevor.


I was enlisted to help. It was great practice for me and I found my new favorite oyster knife. Dexter #22 forever!


Umm. Wut.


Live auction!


Goodnight folks. See you next year!

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