Oh How I’ve Missed You

I’m so sorry de Garde for not visiting you in so long, I hope you missed me as much as I missed you!


These guys match my glassware!!!!!


de Garde Avenues No. 2: The second of two beers made for Brews for New Avenues earlier this year. Beer tastes mostly the same, but has mellowed out a little bit and has let some oak flavors through the sea of berry jam. It was extremely tasty, but not quite as good as this other beer I tried…..


Yep, The Peach is back and awesome. No cognac barrels this time, sadness. On the other hand, the peach presence in this batch is better than the original if you ask me, tastes more like fresh peach flesh than something that was preserved, but that’s not the best description, just the best one that I can think of at the moment. New batch is funkier as well, but just lacks that incredible cognac finish that people loved in batch 1. Verdict, batch 1 is better, but this is pretty darn awesome.

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