So, a bunch of my friends got together to try and ungodly number of meads. I don’t really like mead…actually I don’t like it at all. This is going to be quite the experience.


Bracing myself for the worst. Melvin’s Hubert MPA is going to help take the edge off.


Mother. Fucker. Doesn’t help that a billion more meads showed up that aren’t in this photo.

20161125_184923 20161125_193941 20161125_185615

Ummmm, a three year vert of the same crappy mead. Tastes like sadness.


Looks like stout, tastes like mead. I had my hopes up that it wasn’t actually mead, but it was mead. MEAD.


Okay, this one was actually really good.


Lemonade mead, where lemonade is made worse with the addition of mead.


Hand punched Portuguese cork makes mead still taste like mead. This one has some jammy qualities before it’s beaten to death through honey sweetness.


Just keep going, just keep going, it has to get worse before it gets better.


Most pretentious descriptions I’ve ever heard of, and I read a lot of Hill Farmstead and Lost Abbey labels.


I’m going to get diabetes.


Fuck you, I don’t want diabetes!!


I think mouthwash was blended into mead. Made mouthwash even more unpleasant.


Ginger mead wasn’t awful, but I got desperate and shotgunned a can of Upper Case. Thanks Zach for the can!

20161125_210318 20161125_223419 20161125_223355 20161125_221809 20161125_220336 20161125_220322 20161125_215050 20161125_213157 20161125_213058 20161125_213034 20161125_212903

Never again.


I survived, kind of.

20161125_234437 20161125_231503

Now back to important things that actually taste good!!!!

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