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Gin might be the best barrel


Light tart beers aged in gin barrels rarely go wrong. This is no exception.

Can’t Stop Drinking


Upright Saison Vert has been a constant in my fridge over the last few months. Sadly though, I’ve drank all my bottles…

I guess it’s time to go back to Upright and grab another case.

Best Wicked Weed Beer Ever.


Wicked Weed Marina: This beer tastes really similar to Upright Fantasia and the other big name peach sours in the US. Nice and light, tons of peaches, with good acidity and a sweet wine barrel finish. I dig.

Firestone Walker Parabola

I haven’t had this beer in ages, and I think it has fallen under the radar for most beer geeks these days.


Despite all the chasing and trading and hoarding, this is still one of the best but reasonably attainable barrel aged stouts out there. Nice and viscous, with strong dark chocolate and barrel notes.

EDIT: Thanks to a sober reader, I stand corrected. The beer I drank is Velvet Merkin and I’m just an idiot. My description and love for this beer still stand though!



Yep, this is my favorite IPA in a can that’s currently available. Hennnnghdsfad

Peaches and Cognac


de Garde The Peach b1: Yep, this is the original batch with cognac barrels. I heard that this beer has gone over the hill and I’m afraid that is the correct situation. While very tasty, this beer has gotten a little acetic. The huge cognac finish more than makes up for that, but this beer was probably in its prime a few months ago. Oh well, I know where my last bottle can go where it will be very appreciated.

Brace of de Garde

dsc_23361 dsc_23371

Both super fruity in their own right, but Nectarine Premiere is getting quite sour, while The Kriek is still gloriously cherry and cinnamon forward. I blended them for science and the results were. not. positive.