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Arch Harder

Two weeks ago was Arch Bridge Taphouse’s 2nd anniversary, and it was a good one. Being located out in Oregon City makes it a bit of a hike from Portland, but the delicious beers at Arch Bridge tend to stay on draft for much longer than the higher trafficked bars in town.

Case in point: Fou Foune was on draft all day.

Fou Foune next to Fremont Rusty Nail. Saturdays are rough.

Really, really old de Garde! Trevor would be pissed if I had untappd and gave this a negative review. Honestly though, it’s still pretty good.

Wait, is that a de Garde magnum of The Purple?!

Aww yiss. Beer was absolutely fantastic too, getting nice and funky right now.

Last can of OJ

Yeah, I even broke out the DSLR for this one. Crazy right?

Money shot.

Beer and Card Games

Doing it right.

No. No no no, no no no.

Was drainpoured, and made my whole apartment smell like the inside of a dunkin donuts dumpster.

This is Tasty.

Also hazy. My poop is going to be superb tomorrow.