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Makes me want to snowboard

Block 15 released this beer a few months late :(. Still awesome though!

Hazy done right.


Sitting round a table and drinking

Since that’s what adults do these days right? Dat millennial life, talking about our $9 avocado sandwiches.


Upright Shades: This is a b1 bottle, so a year or so old? It’s very tasty and not nearly as sour as I remember when it first came out.

Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred 2012: Yep, I think this is the best beer that HotD has ever made. Maybe once they can carbonate beer again they will return to form.





About time we won a few games in a row! Really had me concerned for a while!

Upright Rose City Seven: This beer is quite old, but as always, Upright ages like a champion. Not as sour as I would like, but incredible floral and dry. What a treat to share with friends after a great soccer game!


Cantillon Fou Foune 2012: Yep, 5 years old and really delicious! Musty with still a good amount of apricots. Ready for a surprise? THIS BEER IS FUCKING SOUR.

Cat Does Not Approve

But my liver does. Thanks Alchemist!

Unsure if Trevor would like this…

de Garde Imperial Raz Bu: This is an old one, from 2014 I believe, and I don’t think Trevor would appreciate the fact that I’m holding onto some of his beers for so long. That being said, I think these particular beers do better with some time on them. Funk has increased, but the fruit is just so damn good now that combined with the increased complexity make it a different beast from a fresh bottle.

HQ Relocation

Samsbeeradventure has moved approximately 1.6 miles from it’s previous location, it is the beginning of a new era!

Tastes legit to me. I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

Last beers in the old place

Last beers in the new place, the end of an era.



You’ll be missed apartment, you’ll be missed.