Fremont BS

BS does not stand for bullshit, it stands for Belmont Station, which has been doing a different event every day for 20 days with various breweries. This is Fremont’s beer!

Yes, it’s a New England style IPA, because that’s the coolest thing to do. It’s pretty darn good, but I can’t wait until Armand and Jean van Roy release their takes on the style!

Just kidding, I’m getting tired of this fad, that and putting everything that was left in the spice cabinet into barrel aged stouts.

Monterey to Portland

Visited my friend who lives in Monterey and then did the long drive back to Portland. Here’s some beer!

Right in downtown Monterey, Alvarado Street Brewery! Doing that hazy IPA shit that everyone is all excited about. Best beer they had was the milk stout with coffee on nitro though.

Of course I had to stop by Aptos St BBQ. They do brisket right here.

Hmm, I swear that’s the same artwork that you find on a beer label. The brewery is right behind me isn’t it.

Yep! Sante Adairius Forest for the Trees! One of my favorite IIPAs and something you can only get in growlers or on draft. I also only lasted about 5 minutes here before some random guy I didn’t recognize called me out by name. God I wish I was better at names and faces, I wouldn’t have nearly as many awkward moments!

10 Barrel, just because I haven’t been to the original taproom before. Cloudchaser IIPA is pretty good, and named after the brand new chairlift at Mt. Bachelor!

I know it isn’t beer, but I went through Bend on my way back from Monterey so I could check out Smith Rock. This place is absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to come back here in summer and hike around!


Russian River

It’s been 6 years since I was last here, and it’s mandatory to drink the sample tray when you’re visiting.

Turns out my friend was in the area as well, so that makes two taster trays.

Oh the satisfaction, additional satisfaction was had in the form of 3 additional pints each after the tray was finished.


I hear this beer is pretty rare. Tasted pretty good too!

I’m not dead

Here are some photos of beer to prove it!



Finback MK Ultra: First beer I’ve had by Finback that wasn’t a collaboration and it was awesome! I think they really nailed the IIPA style while treading the lines between West Coast IPA and New England IPA styles pretty well. Also, you bet your ass I was blasting “MK Ultra” by Muse while I crushed this beer.