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Friday Nights at Growler Guys


Whoever the hell made this is one fantastic homebrewer. This is the best homebrew I’ve ever had.


de Garde Bu Rice: Still tasty, but I think it’s falling off right now purely due to how sour this beer has gotten since it was released.


de Garde 3rd Anniversary: While Bu Rice deteriorated over time, this beer is getting better. Mmmm.


Upright Heart’s Beat: Here’s another beer that’s improving! Before it wasn’t sour or funky enough, but now the huge cherry bomb is starting to develop some other characteristics. This could easily go a few more years.


Sante Adairius Southern Sunrise: My favorite beer of the evening, and while I think apricots are a better fruit to use in beer than peaches, this beer is easily better than West Ashley in my opinion.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Vietnamese Coffee Speedway: God damn that’s a long name to type out. Whatever, this beer is fantastic. On the other hand, I still think my favorite Speedway variant is just normal Vietnamese Coffee.


Also, don’t spill beer. You might just have to zamboni it.

20170217_204926 20170217_204537

Block 15 Super Nebula Breakfast with Woodford & Double Chocolate Vanilla Bean: Woodford is way better. The end.




Alesmith Mokasida Speedway with Vanilla Beans: Sealed in a growler with 2 vanilla beans for 2 and a half weeks. This beer is fantastic. Tons of vanilla, but not enough to come across as sweet because Mokasida Speedway is so roasty to begin with. Mouthfeel is delicious, delicious motor oil and the finish is classic Speedway with some lingering bitterness. 10/10 would bang again. I love science.

Mokasida Speedway?!

Yeah, no idea what Mokasida is, but apparently this is Speedway Stout with Ethiopian coffee.


In it to win it.

BeerMongers’ 7th Anniversary

So this weekend was BeerMongers’ 7th Anniversary, and I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly. I’ve been going to this place since 2011, for regular beers on draft, great prices on bottles to go, or for meeting together with friends for bottles shares and Timbers games. Being one of the best craft beer bars in Portland, they put on some fun stuff over the weekend.


Oh dang, Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway? Sign me up for a glass. Wait a second, what’s #5? A little brewery from Brussels apricot lambic….I wonder…..


Yep, it’s Cantillon Fou Foune. Jackpot!!!!!


Aaaaaand Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway. I can drink the Fou Foune while this warms up.

Oh, it so happens a bottle share started with beers from 2009, which was BeerMongers’ first year. I didn’t know about it, and I didn’t bring anything. I’m ashamed.



That’s a 1995 Orval. It was super interesting and crazy. Not going to try an Orval that old ever again.




Kill shot.

Thanks again to BeerMongers and the crew there who have enabled my alcoholism for the last 5 years. Here’s to more enabling for years to come!!!

Steak and Beer for Days

Seriously, leftovers for days.

Ribeyes, culotte, bavette, flat iron, and some cold smoked and brined pork chops. 9.2 lbs.

Then….we drank enough beer to crush us all.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze: This 2015 bottle is pretty good, shows a lot of promise in a few years.


Upright Fatali Four: Getting spicier, I’m digging it.


Hill Farmstead Susan: This beer is really good, definitely one of my favorite Hill Farmsteads that you can only get in growlers.


Casey Peach Fruit Stand: Best fruit stand yet, this one actually has enough peach flavor to stand up to the fruit bombs that are de Garde.


Hill Farmstead Florence: I’m normally not that into this one compared to other Hill Farmstead beers, but this batch is fantastic. Really reminds me of old batches of Arthur.


Hill Farmstead Earl: The oatmeal really improves the mouthfeel on this beer, but there just isn’t enough coffee here. Next time, aeropress.


Hill Farmstead Everett: Yep, still the best porter around!


Upright Hearts’ Beat: Very tasty, but it needs time to funk up in my opinion. It’s just too sweet right now.


de Garde Imperial Blu Bu: Mmmmmmmmmm, cow farts.


de Garde Blu Bu Weisse: Old de Garde walez anyone? This beer is absolutely fantastic, but the real value here is the novelty of having one of the first beers that de Garde ever made, and if I remember correctly, this was the only beer that de Garde made that used fresh fruit that they picked themselves.


Sante Adairius Appreciation: Better now than the last time I had it, the berry flavors that were not very distinct before have definitely transitioned into a clearly boysenberry taste. It’s great. This is about the time where my palate ran off and died in the woods.


Cigar City Hunahpu’s: Definitely better fresh than aged, drink em now folks. No one is going to want to trade for your regular ass hunahpu’s when it’s two years old.


The Alchemist Focal Banger: Almost as good as Heady Topper, I think the last time I had this beer was when it was still being sold in a plain ass can with a dumb sticker that would fall off if the can got wet. Big problem when condensation forms on the can the moment you remove it from the fridge!


Alesmith Hammerhead Speedway w/ Vanilla Beans: Okay, Alesmith didn’t add the vanilla beans, but they should. The espresso in this beer and the bitterness that comes along with it really stands up to the addition of vanilla. I think this is even better than putting vanilla beans into BCBS. Srsly.


Hill Farmstead Shirley Mae: Yeah, really wasn’t expecting this to be a porter (clearly didn’t read the fine print), but after having Everett I’m broken.


de Garde The Broken Truck: Oh, hey there batch 1 The Broken Truck. You taste amazing, but I’m really, really drunk. It has flavor. hnngh.


de Garde The Anniversary: Yep, still drunk.


de Garde Biere Rose: Wow, this beer actually aged well! I drank all mine thinking that it was amazing fresh and didn’t show much promise in the long run. I’m a dummy.




Uhhhh, I barely remember this one. I assume it was good!

Hammerhead Speedway


Hammerhead Speedway, aka Speedway stout with espresso. Is it just me or has Alesmith really been stepping up their Speedway variant game over the last 2 years? I didn’t used to like the Speedway variants a long time ago, but jeez, they are killing it now.


Simply put, because I can.

I can stop whenever I want. I swear.


Alesmith Hawaiian Speedway Stout: I love how this beer is showing up on draft a bunch. While not as good on draft as from the bottle, this beer is stupendous. I preferred it to the non-infected Bourbon County Coffee that was also on draft.


Trillium Congress Street: This bottle was a little off, as in the hops were not as pronounced as they usually are, but the mouthfeel here was better than previous bottles of Congress Street that I’ve tried. So…..fair trade!


Holy Moly old de Garde! Even had the old sticker label! This beer has aged really well, I actually prefer it now than fresh. Huge oak notes, and extremely smooth. Also, avoid the bottom 2 inches of the bottle unless you want to start a probiotic cow fart company in your stomach. That is all.


Of course there would be an adjunct stout, because this is 2016. Very tasty though, not many places use apple brandy anymore.


Those are not my fingers, don’t ask where they went next. O_o


Ale Apothecary Sahalie with Blueberries: WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO BOOZY ALE APOTHECARY?! WHY.


Upright Saison du Bloget: One of the best beers that Upright makes, and as per usual, ages fantastically. I don’t have any bottles of this anymore, so I have to crawl around on my hands and knees to beg for a taste. Worth it. Light funk, some stone fruit, extremely dry finish.

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