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Poor Life Choices

Don’t do a beer bracket with imperial stouts. Just…don’t.


But of course, we did.

Time to warm up, stretch those hammies.


Not good enough, still have some knots in my livery bits.


Getting closer…


Okay, feelin’ nice and warmed up. Let’s do this.

IMAG3634 IMAG3633

First match-up: Westbrook 4th Anniversary vs Westbrook 3rd Anniversary: Both are tasty, but Westbrook 3rd squeaked past because the 4th Anniversary tried to juggle too many adjuncts.

Winner: Westbrook 3rd Anniversary

IMAG3635 IMAG3636

Next up, Westbrook Mexican Cake vs Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout (jesus it’s a long name): As much as I like Mexican Cake, Speedway wins hands down with its delicious cold-brew coffee flavor. One person who claimed to hate coffee actually liked it. We’ll save her hate for coffee for another time.

IMAG3637 IMAG3638

Block 15 Super Nebula vs Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout: BCBCS unanimously wins here. If it were a different vintage of Super Nebula, things could easily be different.

IMAG3639 IMAG3640

Three Floyds Dark Lord vs Central Waters 16: Dark Lord…….loses by a country mile. You could have put this up against Bud Light Chelada and it would still lose. Central Waters 16 laughs all the way to our livers.

Westbrooke 4th Anniversary vs. Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway: Speedway wins.

BCBCS vs Central Waters 16: CW 16 wins by a slim margin. First time it actually had a decent opponent too.

Speedway vs CW16: CW squeaks by with a 1-vote discrepancy between it and Speedway.

God my everything hurts.


THIS IS NOT HELPING, but I like it.


Still not helping, but I also like it. Look at that guy’s face in the reflection of the tulip glass. Looks like Slenderman.



Kind of.


Thank god it’s not a stout. Winner!


This was a stupid decision.

It’s getting colder out? Good, time to drink stronger beer.

Went to a little party my friend was having to celebrate….something…. Fall? Cold weather? Really not sure, but anyways, that’s beside the point.


Ale Apothecary Sahalie: It’s good, but I’m not sold on most Ale Apothecary beers. There are beers I enjoy more for half the price.


Hangar 24 Slow Roll: Really surprised at how good this was! I don’t tend to expect much from barrel aged belgian style beers, but Hangar 24 is a great brewery, so I should have known better. Really great caramel notes with a syrupy mouthfeel.


Hill Farmstead Anna: Yeah, it’s good, but still my least favorite HF beer. Too much brett.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway Stout: This beer means serious business, I forgot how delicious it was! Probably the best stout I’ve had since I had Proprietors a while back.


Hangar 24 Hammerhead: Too young, but has potential.

Zwanze Day…Fuck you.

That’s right, you heard me. Fuck Zwanze day. Instead of standing in line, getting gouged on sample pours, and being a bitter beer geek I went to a bottle share instead. Our Anti-Zwanze day tasting turned out to be amazing.


“We brought too many bottles”    – Debbie Downer of the tasting group


Hill Farmstead Anna – Still good, but still too much Brett for me. It is a very good saison though. B


More bottles appeared…..of course.


Some peach berlinerweisse. Hooray for low alcohol beer!   B


Hill Farmstead Juicy: This beer was pretty energetic, as it gushed like a girl who talks to her friends after holding a boy’s hand for the first time. We jokingly mentioned drinking the spills from the bottle with a straw, but after having this beer, I think I may have actually done it. Slightly tart, with huge grapefruit noes, followed by a large dose of Brett funk. This is the best beer I’ve had from Hill Farmstead and now I understand the hype. A+


Cantillon Jean Chis Nomad: Fuck dude. No one told me we’d be drinking real whales! I was perfectly drinking the instawale beers of the scene right now. Well shit. I was blown away by this, even before I got to try it. I never imagined that I would even get a chance to try this beer. It is very much like Cantillon Classic Gueuze, but on steroids. Enormous funk and sourness, with minimal (but adequate) carbonation. A/A+


Cantillon Blabaer 2009: Okay, wtf is going on. Can someone please tell me how the fuck I get to try a Jean Chris Nomad to be followed up by a Blabaer?! Basically, one of the guys in our tasting group lived abroad for a long time, and accumulated a lot of these crazy beers during his time in Europe. So today, in protest of Zwanze day, he decided to beat his chest and scream, “FUCK YOU ZWANZE DAY!” and bust out some whales.


FUCK DUDE!!! Walez!!!!

Anyway, the beer smells like grass, fresh blueberry peel, and funk. Taste is supremely tart, with lots of blueberry flavor, earthiness, lemongrass, and barnyard funk. SOOOO good! I would say that it is worth the hype, but it was definitely the best beer of the day. A+


Captain Lawrence Rosso E. Marrone: DO NOT WANT. Give this one to the dogs, literally. C-


Alpine Nelson: Oh thank god something that isn’t sour! My poops still have hope yet! Huge juicy hops, with minimal malts to get in the way. Freshness of this beer is pretty critical. A


Hill Farmstead Twilight of the Idols: Another fantastic porter from Hill Farmstead. I don’t drink a lot of porters, but my two favorites that aren’t barrel aged both come from Hill Farmstead. Coffee and vanilla are very balanced with this extremely silky porter. A


Jackie O’s something cherry: It was good, but by this time my palette was basically tired from being assaulted all afternoon by walez.


BULLFROG SUCKS! ‘Nuff said. Moving on.


East End Gratitude: Recommendation – do not drink, pour on pancakes instead. Possibly the most beautiful bottle in the world though.


Block 15: Tropical Storm: Good beer, thank god the papaya has faded, because that god awful fruit should be blasted from existence.



Well Shit.

My Hill Farmstead trader dropped an atom bomb on me today….I may have danced around a little bit when I saw 3 boxes at my door!


Left to Right: Everett, Clara, Anna, Damon, Juicy, and Twilight of the Idols. Can’t forget the glassware either!