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Fridge Cleaning

One of the fundamental problems with being a beer geek, and a single beer geek at that, is the problem of fridge space. You can have room for beer or food, but not both at the same time. This is how we fix that problem, temporarily at least.


This whole crowler sensation is absolutely amazing, it means I can have super fresh IPA from the comfort of my couch.


Hill Farmstead Arthur: 2 years old? Sure! It’s doing great as ever, with that classic dry and bitter finish that I love so much. It was also a slow gusher.


I have no idea how long this was in my fridge for, but now it is gone. Yay.


Here’s to not remembering, especially for the folks who haven’t had this beer before, it was a surprise when I told them it was 10+% ABV. Lolz.


Mmmm, this beer is actually labeled “All of the berries” at de Garde. It certainly tastes that way too.


de Garde Cherry Gose: This is actually better known as Diet Cantillon Kriek. I’m serious, it has the same flavor profile with the funk toned down.


We had to find out, for science. Verified.

IMAG1400 IMAG1401

Not sure where these beers came from or how old their were either. Such is fridge life.


Yep, Crooked Stave makes the best dark sours. Nightmare on Brett is no exception.


Upright BA Flora: Yep, this is one of the best and must nuanced beers you can find on the West Coast, or anywhere for that matter.


Uhhhhh, I had completely forgotten that we drank this, until now.

Bottle Share @ Growler Guys: The massacre of livers.

Growler Guys hosted a large bottle share for a bunch of the beer geeks in Portland. We all decided to bring beers that we wanted to share with people/couldn’t finish on our own.

So everyone brought big imperial stouts.


I thought it would be funny to bring a carbonated Hair of the Dog beer. SodaStream works, every time. In this particular case, Adam from the Wood


10 Barrel Cucumber Crush: This beer is perfect for getting ready. I fucking love this shit. A+


Hill Farmstead Arthur: Mmmm, this is not an imperial stout, I’m just not quite ready yet. A


Cantillon Fou Foune 2014: This is superior to the 2013 vintage. Way more apricots in this one. Thanks to my buddy Bruce for bringing this one! A+


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2014 Cork : Bruce strikes again. Not quite sure that this is as good as the 2013 I opened a few weeks ago, but whatever, it’s all delicious. A+


That Bruce guy is such an asshole.


Block 15 Super Nebula: Mmm, this one is the batch that was aged in Pappy Van Winkle 20 barrels. Can you taste the /rar?! A


Cigar City Marshal Zhukov B1: This beer is 6 years old…..and it’s aged surprisingly well! I imagined an oxidized mess, but it turned out to be pretty good. On the other hand, you should drink this one fresh. B


Jester King Atrial Rubicite: Best beer that Jester King makes by a mile. Do you like raspberry jam? I do, so I love this beer. A


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Let the stouts begin.


Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway: This is the best variant. So ridiculously good. A+


Alesmith Kopi Luwak Barrel Aged Speedway: Such a long name, but it’s really damn good. A/A+


Hill Farmstead E.: NOT A STOUT THANK GOD! I’ve had too many stouts in the last week or so…


Side Project Saison de Rouge: This one is really good, definitely better than the other Side Projects I’ve had aside from Fuzzy.


Bruery Chocolate Rain: This is not the beer to have last, but we did it anyway.

So, these are just some of the bottles that showed up at the tasting. If I had to guess, I would say about 50-60 bottles were there, but I’d rather not die, so I only had the ones I listed above.

Planet Granite Drinking.

A brand new, beautiful climbing gym opened this weekend…


So of course I went, and promptly signed up for a membership. After climbing, a bunch of us went back to my friend’s apartment to drink some beer.


Gotta have a good IPA after a long climbing session. Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack hits the spot! Probably one of the most balanced IIPAs out there.


Upright Copper & Theory Fifth Anniversary: Not really a fan of this beer. I can taste way too much booze for a saison.


Hill Farmstead Arthur: This is more like it.


Girardin 1882: Pretty good, and very underrated.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze: That being said, this is way better.


Midnight Sun Berserker: Pretty good, but I think the earlier batches were more tasty. Also, my love is like a truck.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: I can’t wait for this to come out again, I’m starting to run a little low!

King Arthur


Hill Farmstead Arthur: Yep, still one of the best non barrel-aged saisons money can buy. Tart, dry, funky, with a great bitter finish. A/A+

The following morning was terrible.

I haven’t drank this much on a weekday in a while. Definitely not as beastly as I was when I was still in college. Oh well, moving on.



I really should stop drinking this beer. Lightly tart, very floral, with a nice hit of Elderflower with a complex funky and barrel-y finish. A


Jasper Hills cheese plus Hill Farmstead Arthur. Life is good.


Goose Island Gillian: Probably my favorite of the 3 sisters, it’s tough to get a strawberry beer right, but this one does a pretty good job. B/B+


This wasn’t that great. Kind of boring.


Jester King Viking Metal: A gin barrel aged farmhouse ale? Yes plz. B+


De Garde Imperial Hop Bu: Still delicious. Even when drunk.


Poor life choice.

Sours, Saisons, and Funk!

Yep, I repeated the BIF! I was in Las Vegas for work, and when I got back home I had a nice box waiting for me.


From left to Right: All wants or new ticks!

Westbrook Rhubarb Remix

Jacks Abbey Berliner Bruan

Night Shift Mainer Weisse

Night Shift Cape Codder Weisse

HF Brother fucking Soigne

HF Convivial Suarez

HF Arthur

HF Norma (that sexy bitch)

Alchemist Petite Mutant

Alchemist Heady Topper

Westbrook Gose

Trillium Farmhouse Ale

Captain Lawrence Rosso e Marrone.

I’m tired. Bedtime.

Part 2 of the celebration!

Commons had another celebration….because one simply isn’t enough. I think that’s absolutely fair.


Oh, so this is what it looks like when you show up on time!  Wait, what is this? GIRLS AT A BREWERY EVENT WTF?!


Oh man, girls be scary. Going to drink De Garde Ortucky Common instead, because this one is nice and approachable.


What the hell is this? A camera for ants?! It needs to be at least three times this big!


Whatevers, time to get another glass of Gin Enkel, because it’s amazing, and because they served it to me in a glass that had a pac-man made of cheese on the side of it.


This photo of Braam was dangerous, someone almost knocked it off the bar immediately after this photo was taken. If the beer was actually lost, there would be a photo below of the broken glass, followed by a separate photo of a dead, neck bearded beer geek.


Luckily, that didn’t happen. Drank some Mainer Weisse instead. Holy shit this beer was aggressive, I could not finish more than one of those taster glasses, but it tasted great!


Much easier drinking this guy.