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Avery Thingy Thing.


Witbeer with passionfruit, absolutely crushable. Just don’t ask me to pronounce or spell the name. A beer has no name.

Bourbon County Nights

This night is also known as, “the day the livers went away and never came back”. I skipped the majority of the beers being opened, because I’m a pansy, but all the Goose Island Bourbon County variants were opened, including all the different years of Bourbon County Coffee.

Well, here it goes!




Avery Tweak: Why not start with an 18% beer as a warmup. It is good though, really nice coffee presence. A


Taps Remy’s Pappy: One of the best newer stouts you can find, it has an extremely silky mouthfeel with large amounts of chocolate, vanilla, and bourbon. A+


Goose Island Bramble Rye: I’m really starting to think that these fruited variants shouldn’t be opened until a few years after release. This is really good, probably the best bottle of Bramble I’ve had to date. All the bourbon county flavors are there, but there’s a really deep, savory blackberry presence that came off as cloying in years past. A


Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietors 2014: This beer is really good, but I got much less coconut than the 2013 version. Cinnamon is overpowering the other adjuncts here, and you might as well call this Bourbon County Cinnamon. That being said, this taste like Mexican coffee blended with stout. Great, but did not live up to expectations. A


Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietors 2013: Yes, this is more like it. I’ve been lucky enough to try this a few times in the last couple of weeks, and I can say that both bottles were consistently amazing. This was the 3rd best beer of the night for me. Slightly sweeter than regular bourbon county, but with toasted caramel and coconut notes that just elevate this beer above the others. A+


Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla Rye: Remember back when this beer came out and I said I would probably hate it? Yep, this beer is terrible. It tastes like vanilla marshmallows with a side of diabeetus. That being said, that’s what I thought of Bourbon County Vanilla back in 2010, and now it’s probably my favorite stout….so I’m going to bet that this one ages in the same fashion. C


Goose Island Bourbon County Rare: Oh yes, we had to visit Rare as well. 2nd best beer of the night, despite the fact that this beer is falling off. It was noticeably better the last time I had it two years ago. A+


Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla: Fuck yes, best beer of the night, and most likely my favorite stout in its current form. I love vanilla notes, but not when they are overpowering the base beer. This is how it should be done. Tastes like regular bourbon county initially, but finishes with nice subtle vanilla that lingers on the tongue forever. A+


Money shot?