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Love this beer


Ballast Point’s Rye Barrel Aged Victory at Sea might be a really long name, but this beer is really delicious, most likely my favorite rye barrel treated beer that doesn’t have other shit in it. Looking at you Goose Island Rye variants!


Dangerous Times


Yeah, this is a growler of Ballast Point’s Heaven Hill Barrel-Aged Victory At Sea. God that was a long name, but befitting to a beer that absolutely crushed my liver with its delicious rye, bourbon, chocolate, and tobacco notes. Easily better than BCBS.

IMAG0507 IMAG0510

Now that I’m drunk, might as well drink some more. Cafe Americano was terrible compared to the Victory at Sea, and Cantillon is always delicious. Always.

Growler Guy’s 1st Anniversary

One of my favorite haunts celebrated their 1st anniversary on Thursday with what must have been the strongest taplist in Portland. It was incredible.

IMAG0402 IMAG0403

Ballast Point Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Victory at Sea is one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. Absolutely phenomenal. I would have drank another one, but necessary use of a car made me go with nursing an Alpine Nelson instead. Life is hard.

Tin Bucket

Dropped in to Tin Bucket’s vintage keg tapping. Did not leave disappointed.


Ballast Point Four Roses Victory at Sea: Best Ballast Point beer I’ve ever had. So ridiculously good, like chocolate milk!


Sante Adairus Stenciled Pages: Close, but not quite as good as Nonna’s #7, probably because this is an older bottle. Anyways, TICK!