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Smashing Beer

A bunch of people were out of town, so the few of us remaining had a nice quiet night playing super smash brothers and watching Top Gear. It was a good time.


Barley Brown’s Don Vanuchi: I wish they were better at telling us which versions are barrel aged and which ones are not. This one however, is not barrel aged, but I’ll be damned. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BACON BARREL AGED! So much chocolate and roasty malts in this. What a delicious monster.


Elk Valley Brewing Le Ferme Farmhouse: I had never had anything from this brewery before, and was very pleasantly surprised. Very nice and soft brett profile, not unlike Common’s Urban Farmhouse! Perhaps this beer is not quite as crisp as the Common’s beer, but it is very tasty. Would definitely drink again.


de Garde Blackberry Bu: This beer hearkens back to 2014, and begged to be opened when I saw it kicking around in the cellar. It’s a bit of a refresher, since this beer was released before de Garde dialed back the acidity and bumped up the juiciness. This beer is very tart, but not Mother Funker tart, and that tartness persists throughout the whole taste, but does not overwhelm the very strong blackberry notes either. One of us had to pause the game because he had lost the ability to talk. “Oh, mmmm, MMMMMM!” was all he could manage. Better now than it was fresh, for sure.



That question basically comes up in any conversation with a group of my friends. The ones that played tons of Smash Bros in college who just want to relive those moments of glorious nerdiness and Natty Light.

We skipped the Natty bit.

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Pre-Block 15 Release

Well we were supposed to play Settlers of Catan, but instead we watched climbing videos. Of course we watched climbing videos.


de Garde Nelson Hose: Still very tasty, but the hops are fading. People should really drink these fresh.


Barley Browns Pallet Jack: One of the best IPAs out there in my opinion, and those crowlers are sneaking into every facet of my life.


Cigar City Jose Marti: 4 year old barrel aged porter? It’s actually really tasty! Surprised I haven’t heard about this beer before.


Oskar Blues BA Ten Fidy: My last can, and it’s better than bourbon county…….:(


We had to do the comparison, and Bourbon County just comes across as overly sweet next to BA Ten Fidy.


Sante Adairius Joey F***ing Pepper: It’s no Fatali Four, but this beer is very, very tasty. I wouldn’t mind more peppercorns in this beer though.


Upright Brewing BA Flora: One of the best saisons out there. It’s not super aggressive in any aspect, but it has a fantastic nose and so much subtlety and nuance.


This wasn’t that good.


This one was. Vanilla milkshakes!

Fridge Cleaning

One of the fundamental problems with being a beer geek, and a single beer geek at that, is the problem of fridge space. You can have room for beer or food, but not both at the same time. This is how we fix that problem, temporarily at least.


This whole crowler sensation is absolutely amazing, it means I can have super fresh IPA from the comfort of my couch.


Hill Farmstead Arthur: 2 years old? Sure! It’s doing great as ever, with that classic dry and bitter finish that I love so much. It was also a slow gusher.


I have no idea how long this was in my fridge for, but now it is gone. Yay.


Here’s to not remembering, especially for the folks who haven’t had this beer before, it was a surprise when I told them it was 10+% ABV. Lolz.


Mmmm, this beer is actually labeled “All of the berries” at de Garde. It certainly tastes that way too.


de Garde Cherry Gose: This is actually better known as Diet Cantillon Kriek. I’m serious, it has the same flavor profile with the funk toned down.


We had to find out, for science. Verified.

IMAG1400 IMAG1401

Not sure where these beers came from or how old their were either. Such is fridge life.


Yep, Crooked Stave makes the best dark sours. Nightmare on Brett is no exception.


Upright BA Flora: Yep, this is one of the best and must nuanced beers you can find on the West Coast, or anywhere for that matter.


Uhhhhh, I had completely forgotten that we drank this, until now.

Sending beer

First day back to bouldering in way too long. Since the gym was setting up the bouldering area for a competition this past Saturday, they had closed most of the walls in order to set the competition problems. As a result I was forced to do something called, “sport climbing”, also known as, “oh my fucking god I’m going fall and die because I can’t make this next move even though its super easy just because I’ve been climbing for 30 feet already and this is bullshit”.


This basically sums up my thoughts on sport climbing.

Anyways….I got back to bouldering and I climbed really well! So, that kind of celebration calls for beer!


A 32 oz. crowler of Barley Browns Forklift will do the trick. Viscous and resiney with a huge hit of citrus. I feel good.

Three Headed Hop Monster….

We found a place that still had a keg…..and it led to bad decisions, especially if you drink 3 glasses of it.


Probably a top 3 IPA for me, and it’s 9.5% ABV.


Fuck it, let’s get drunk.

3 glasses later…



I’m only slightly drunk now, let’s go home and keep going.


Oh yeah, this hits the spot, but that small bottle makes me feel inadequate…




Belmont Station Anniversary

One of Portland’s best bottle shops and bars celebrated their anniversary the other day, and had some really damn good beer on draft to celebrate.


Barley Brown’s Belmont Black CDA: More hoppy than Turmoil and less chocolatey than Chaos, this beer is the Goldilocks setting for CDAs.


De Garde Biere Rose: Super crushable, which is exactly what I did to this pint. It was a joyous experience, with a light and crisp finish!


Sasquatch here had to get a liter, because his hands are too big to hold any other kind of glass.


Upright Four Play: Probably the only time I’ve seen this outside of the brewery. Mmmmm