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Epic Tasting is Epic

A beer geek from California came up and wanted to do a tasting with us. All stops were removed.


Small Warmup!


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 2001: This is the oldest Drie Fonteinen beer I’ve had to date, and it tastes like it. Sourness is not as intense as I expected, but carbonation, funk (cheese rind, grass, mushrooms), dryness, and lingering finish were all there. I’d trade some stupid stuff for more of this. A++


Drie Fonteinen Armand ‘4 Herfst: Okay, so this is actually better than the 2001 Oude Geuze….So minerality, much delicious. A++


H.ertie Wijingaardperziken: Uli Peach Lambic in laymans terms. It’s also fucking delicious, most likely the best peach sour I’ve ever had. Tastes like lambic paired with fresh peach cobbler. Absolutely floored by this one. Probably the best beer of the night. A++


H.ertie Crazy Birthday Beer 2010: Sour and boozy. Lambic meets Scotch, and I like it! A


Cantillon Iris 2013: Delicious, with a dry hoppiness before you get hit with the sour and the funk. Unfortunately, this just can’t keep up with the beers that were opened previously. B+


Taps Pappy’s Remy: Best stout I’ve had in a long time. Creamy, chocolately, with tons of barrel at the end without much alcohol burn. A+


Goose Island Cthulu: I really wanted to hate this beer, I really really did. I hate to say it, but this beer is fantastic. Better than Block 15’s Super Nebula even. A+


Upright Special Herbs: My favorite saison to date I think. So absurdly good!  A+


Upright Barrel Aged Wit: Worst old sole comp I’ve had, but still pretty solid. Great palate cleanser too! B


AC Golden Colorambic: Might be the best non-fruited american sour I’ve had. Absolutely crushed Beatification. A


De Garde The Archer: Yep, one of the best beers that De Garde has made. Grapes are still shining while the tartness has stepped up a notch.


Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla: Okay, so this is the best stout of the night. A++




Upright Barrel Aged Seven: Yep, this is also delicious.


Upright De La Seven: The addition of De La Senne yeast is not doing this beer a whole lot of good.


Hill Farmstead Arthur: My palate is so shot.



IMAG2077 IMAG2080 IMAG2079

Look at this crap. It tastes like wisdom.

IMAG2081 IMAG2082

Stragglers. Pretty solid tasting. I’m going to bed now.

Pre-De Garde Bottleshare

Yep, we do this because we are crazy.


And because some friends flew/drove into town for the release.


I showed up late, but there was still plenty to drink!

Upright Blend Love: This was the newest batch, and was pretty impressive. Less sour than I remember, but more jammy. A-


Block 15 Petite Verdot: I had no idea that people still had these! The grape juice quality that this beer had is fading, but it is picking up some nice funk in exchange. Still fantastic, but I would have drank this one sooner rather than later. A-


Upright 5th Anniversary Saison: Not as sour as I was expecting, but there is some nice gin character here. Too bad I can’t taste the apricot that’s supposed to be in this beer. This is kind of like a very light Special Herbs. Good, but could be better. B+/A-


Upright Barrel Aged Seven: God this beer is delicious, and smells like cheese. Mild tartness with grassy, bretty, cheesiness. A


Ithaca Brute: I think this is the best beer that Ithaca makes. Beautiful carbonation with a light sourness that finishes bone dry. This is the champagne of beers, not god damn Miller Lite. A-/A


Ale Apothecary El Cuatro: Okay, so this one is very champagne-like as well….but way overcarbed in my opinion. I think the new batch of El Cuatro is better surprisingly, mainly due to carbonation levels. A-


Rare Barrel Happy Place: Happy indeed! This beer is good! Reminds me a lot of Common’s Eidolon, which is a great thing. My first Rare Barrel experience….Solid! A-


De Garde Blu Bu: Yep, still my favorite blueberry sour, excluding that freak show of a beer that was 2009 Blabaer. A+


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage St. Valentijn Cuvee: Synthetic cork?! WHAAAAAA? No matter, this beer is still really delicious, with some mushrooms, cheese rind, and traditional Drie Fonteinen funk. Definitely lighter in carbonation than I’m used to, but that’s okay. Excellent example of a Geuze. A+

Then I went home.


Drank this fucker as well. Still the best Upright beer ever made!

Beer beer beer

Drinking all this beer is hard work.


Hmm, been drinking a lot of Golden Canary lately, things could be worse. A


Upright Barrel Aged Seven: Really developed some nice brett characteristics while still maintaining a little bit of citrus. Very nice. A-


De Cam Oude Lambiek: Tasty, but could use some bubbles. B+/A-


De Cam Kriek Lambiek: Same thing here, but the cherries are nice! A-


New England Brewing Co. Chardonneighor of the Beast: Awesome name, crappy beer. D+


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Peaches have faded a bit, but the brett character is really nice now. A-


Logsdon Seizoen Bretta Batch 1: Sooooo much brett, I really like this one. I haven’t had the new ones lately, but now I’m curious. A


Terrapin White Chocolate Moo Hoo: Really sweet and tasty, it’s exactly what Bruery’s White Chocolate should have been. A-


Fremont Kentucky Dark Star: I might be crazy, but I think that this beer has picked up more barrel character over the year it’s been sitting in someone’s closet. Hmmmm. B+/A-


Lindley Park: I love chocolatey jam. A-


Nightshift Viva Habanera: The first beer from Nightshift that I really enjoyed! WOOOO! B+

Blend Love

Got lucky and got my 4 bottle allotment!


Gotta love pitchers of Blend Love! It’s not as good on draft as I expected, but that was true for last year’s batch as well. I hope this batch still has to huge fruity aspect in the bottle.


Little bit of Barrel Aged Seven batch 3: Still young, I’d give it 6 months or so to funk up more.


Blend Edmunds: Stupid good. I’ve missed this beer 3 times now! About god damn time I got to try it. It doesn’t disappoint. It was better than the other two beers by a good margin.

So many variations of Seven!

I love how Upright Brewing has been doing so many one-offs using Seven as the base beer. Seven is my favorite year-round offering from Upright, so things can only get better from there right?

Description: Barrel aged 14 months with brettanomyces

Beer: Barrel aged Seven

Brewery: Upright Brewing

Style: Saison

ABV: 8.8%

Location: Portland, OR

Appearance: Bright gold with no head, does have large bubbles that appear at the surface every now and then though

Aroma: Lots of fruit, some earthy funk from the brett, and a little bit of yeast. This beer smells absolutely fantastic!

Taste: Some nice tartness up front, with a lot of peach following up? It reminds me of a very light version of Fantasia, which is my favorite offering from Upright to date. I also get some oak from the barrel aging as well as a little bit of grassy flavor.

Mouthfeel: Light with medium carbonation. Feels nice and refreshing. I might have to save my last bottle for a hot day in the summer.

Drinkability: I’m very glad I have a bomber to finish, but I’m very sad that I only have one more bomber before it’s all gone. I could drink this all day.

Beer Advocate Grade: N/A

My Grade: A

Note: I thought Rose City Seven was my favorite iteration of Seven. I now stand corrected.