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Christmas Eve Drinking

You guys will have to forgive my tardiness, it was a really serious week of drinking and just looking at the photos made my stomach feel weird.


Best beer from De Molen, hands down.


de Garde Lee Noir: Old de Garde beers are aging pretty well. The slight sherry flavors due to oxidation have really brought another dimension to this already tasty brew.


You can never have too much BA Ten Fidy. It’s simply too good.


Sadly, this 2012 bottle of Abyss was not nearly as tasty.


de Garde Stone Bu: Oh my god is this beer sour. It’s delicious once it’s burnt away your taste buds, but those first three sips are really quite painful.


Bruery Rum Barrel Black Tuesday: WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!!!!! It was actually very tasty, but my god please make it 12%.


New Glarus R&D 2015 Golden Ale: Very tasty beer, makes me want to start dabbling in more R&D beers.


de Garde Belle Ensemble: Extremely tasty, with a nice tartness that lasts through the taste, and a bit of funk to balance it back out.

Tigard Boulder Rally

Had some climbing friends over to watch the Tigard Boulder Rally. It was easier to see the actual climbing by watching the livestream of the event instead of going there to watch it in person. Also, beer is waaaaaaaay better at my place.


But first, gotta build a drinking substrate. Cellarman is doing well, definitely got drier and more bitter since I had a fresh bottle.


Other Half Brewing Amarillo: Still just as tasty as ever, and it was my last can 😦


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Cans come out this week! That meant I could kill the crowler with no remorse, only happy thoughts.


de Garde Belle Ensemble: Really, really tasty. It’s only improving with age, with a nice funk backing up the bright tartness that was present way back in the day.


Russian River Beatification b5: Best batch of Beatification is no slouch, and while it’s cleaner and brighter than Belle Ensemble, I prefer the heavier malt backbone of Belle Ensemble more. We were split 50/50 on the issue.


It is impossible to have too much Brother Soigne, impossible.



This did a number on my liver

Binge watched Entourage and drank a bunch of beer with some friends. It made my liver suffer.


Upright Fatali Four 2013: Old beer, but it’s amazing. Heat has subsided a little bit, but the funk has gone off the charts. I love this beer, it’s great and I still haven’t experienced anything else like it from another brewery. A


Allagash Ghoulschip: This is what all pumpkin beers should be like. Nice tartness, with a pronounced smoky toast flavor (from the pumpkin seeds) at the end. B+


De Garde Belle Ensemble: This beer is super funky and SOUR. If all of De Garde’s older sours are going to be like this, we have a good couple years to look forward to! A


Hair of the Dog Matt: This beer is wonderful as always, so delicious, with a side of diabeetus.


Crooked Stave Origins Grand Cru: Haven’t had this beer in about a year or so, and it tastes even better than I remember. Wonderful mellowness with a nice savory finish.


Block 15 Premiere Annee: This beer has aged pretty well, and I’m not sure if I could pick this out from the standard geuzes from Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, and Tilquin.


Block 15 Golden Canary: This most recent batch just isn’t as good as the original. For srs, batch 1 is best.


8.9%?! This beer ruined me.

Needs fruit?


De Garde Belle Ensemble: A non-fruited lambic style beer from De Garde. It’s good, with more funk than I’m used to seeing from De Garde, but their wheelhouse is really in the realm of fruited sour beer. I like this beer, but I can only imagine what this would have been like if De Garde had put blackberries or something along those lines into this beer.