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Makes me want to snowboard

Block 15 released this beer a few months late :(. Still awesome though!

de Garde Anniversary

A lot of anniversaries lately, with more on the way!

In this episode, de Garde gets an age upgrade!

Quick pit stop at Block 15…

Why hi there beautiful…


Friday Nights at Growler Guys


Whoever the hell made this is one fantastic homebrewer. This is the best homebrew I’ve ever had.


de Garde Bu Rice: Still tasty, but I think it’s falling off right now purely due to how sour this beer has gotten since it was released.


de Garde 3rd Anniversary: While Bu Rice deteriorated over time, this beer is getting better. Mmmm.


Upright Heart’s Beat: Here’s another beer that’s improving! Before it wasn’t sour or funky enough, but now the huge cherry bomb is starting to develop some other characteristics. This could easily go a few more years.


Sante Adairius Southern Sunrise: My favorite beer of the evening, and while I think apricots are a better fruit to use in beer than peaches, this beer is easily better than West Ashley in my opinion.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Vietnamese Coffee Speedway: God damn that’s a long name to type out. Whatever, this beer is fantastic. On the other hand, I still think my favorite Speedway variant is just normal Vietnamese Coffee.


Also, don’t spill beer. You might just have to zamboni it.

20170217_204926 20170217_204537

Block 15 Super Nebula Breakfast with Woodford & Double Chocolate Vanilla Bean: Woodford is way better. The end.

Drinking and Food Network

Yeah, we’re really domesticated. Don’t hate.


Alchemist Focal Banger: Something is up with this batch, it’s not nearly as floral as I remember previous batches being. Oh well, it’s still darn tasty! B


Upright Fatali Four: I’m running out of these, and it’s making me sad. I just can’t get enough of the tartness, funk, and heat, with just a bit of wine barrel at the end. A+


Block 15 Super Nebula: Had Breakfast with the Buffalo recently, so it was nice to see how this bottle compared. Mouthfeel is better than the Lost Barrels version of Super Nebula, but not quite up there with Buffalo. Chocolate, coffee, fudge, and barrel are all present though. A-

Relaxing night for stouts!

A friend came over after a long day where we just watched a movie and checked in on some smaller bottles that are ill-suited for our regular group of friends. Once you hit a certain number of people, it’s just not worth opening beer where people only get to have an ounce or two, it’s silly. This isn’t the Midwest where 30 guys split a bomber. It’s madness!


Block 15 Breakfast with the Buffalo: Wow, this beer was too smoky and bitter when it first came out, but it is killing it now! As it currently stands, it’s one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. Unlike the Lost Barrels version I also had recently, mouthfeel is not an issue here. It is slightly less thick than Bourbon County Brand Stout, so things are looking good! Maple is nice and subdued, it adds a little bit of sweetness and depth to the beer but this beer is still very much a bourbon barrel aged stout. If you have one of these, drink it now. A+


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This bottle is from 2013, which is the last year before Goose Island was acquired by ABInbev if I recall correctly. Anyways, after my comparison on Breakfast with the Buffalo to Bourbon County Stout it was time to check into one of my older bottles. The results? FANTASTIC! This beer was great if a little boozy upon release, but 3 years have turned this beer into a chocolate, fudge, and bourbon dessert sitting on a pillow made of marshmallows. Also one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. A+


Upright 7th Anniversary Saison: Can’t just drink stouts all night long, had to finish on a nice and refreshing note! This beer is fantastic, but I don’t like the fact that these bottles like to explode when you open them, that’s why the label is a little messed up. 😦

Anyways, that beer is still amazing, and gets an A-/A grade. The minus is due to the fact that it explodes. Grr.


No, I didn’t move. I’m going to end up dying in this apartment, but a friend just moved and of course we had to christen the place! Don’t mind the fact that there’s not much in the apartment and we hadn’t really helped them move in yet….


Other Half Hop Showers: This can was weird, didn’t taste like Hop Showers to me, way too bitter for that. I’m not sure on the age of this can, so that might be a factor.


Block 15 Super Nebula: This bottle is the Lost Barrels version from 2011, where they used previously lost barrels that were discovered at the Buffalo Trace warehouse. They date back to 1989, so that’s pretty awesome. This beer was good but too smoky when it was first released, but the 5 years sitting around has done it well! The smoke has faded, leaving behind a nice chocolate, bourbon, and oak flavor profile. Still smoky up front though! Dinged points on thin mouthfeel. B+


Bandaids. >_<


Bottle Logic Stronger Than Fiction: Wow that’s a lot of coconut! Other than that, this beer was kind of weird, mostly because it’s a strong ale and I don’t really think many people get the strong ale profile right aside from Hair of the Dog and Kuhnhenn. B


This beer was unremarkable, not because I remembered what it tasted like, but because I don’t remember what it was like. This is known as drunkard natural selection.

Sour Beers, Mmmm

A few friends were in town while Belmont Station’s Puckerfest was going on, so we kind of just parked our asses there and drank for a while.


From left to right: Block 15 Framboise Black, de Garde Unblended The Purple, de Garde Unblended Black Raz, and de Garde Unblended Red Raz. The Purple and Red Raz win.