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Old Bourbon County


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2012: This beer definitely has legs, it’s 5 years in and I wouldn’t say this beer is really falling off yet. On the other hand, I don’t really see it getting better as it’s taking on a little bit of oxidation now. Drink em while you’ve got em!

Drink away the pain.

Last week was a rough one regarding awful people stealing my shit. Multiple instances over several days and the key in my roof rack broke when I tried to get my snowboard of my roof rack at the mountain.


It’s all good though, just go quietly into the night….

Relaxing night for stouts!

A friend came over after a long day where we just watched a movie and checked in on some smaller bottles that are ill-suited for our regular group of friends. Once you hit a certain number of people, it’s just not worth opening beer where people only get to have an ounce or two, it’s silly. This isn’t the Midwest where 30 guys split a bomber. It’s madness!


Block 15 Breakfast with the Buffalo: Wow, this beer was too smoky and bitter when it first came out, but it is killing it now! As it currently stands, it’s one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. Unlike the Lost Barrels version I also had recently, mouthfeel is not an issue here. It is slightly less thick than Bourbon County Brand Stout, so things are looking good! Maple is nice and subdued, it adds a little bit of sweetness and depth to the beer but this beer is still very much a bourbon barrel aged stout. If you have one of these, drink it now. A+


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This bottle is from 2013, which is the last year before Goose Island was acquired by ABInbev if I recall correctly. Anyways, after my comparison on Breakfast with the Buffalo to Bourbon County Stout it was time to check into one of my older bottles. The results? FANTASTIC! This beer was great if a little boozy upon release, but 3 years have turned this beer into a chocolate, fudge, and bourbon dessert sitting on a pillow made of marshmallows. Also one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. A+


Upright 7th Anniversary Saison: Can’t just drink stouts all night long, had to finish on a nice and refreshing note! This beer is fantastic, but I don’t like the fact that these bottles like to explode when you open them, that’s why the label is a little messed up. 😦

Anyways, that beer is still amazing, and gets an A-/A grade. The minus is due to the fact that it explodes. Grr.

Those other beers

So I had some Casey Family Preserves over the weekend. Here’s the other stuff we drank:

IMAG2229 IMAG2228


IMAG2224 IMAG2232 IMAG2231

Beer and Snowboards

A friend came over the other day needing some help with his snowboard, and I was only too happy to help. Oh, we drank beer too, because of course we did.


Trillium Double Dry Hopped Sleeper Street: Oh this beer looks like orange juice. Tastes like it too! Great beer to scarf down while talking shop about snowboards!


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This is a 2014 bottle that had been sitting in my fridge with a split vanilla bean for 4 days. I have to say that this is the best one yet, as the 2015 bottles tasted more strongly of vanilla up front, with stout notes taking a back seat. Not here. Big chocolate and fudge dominate, but the vanilla isn’t going without a fight, making it self known through the middle and finish. Reminds me a bit of old Bourbon County Vanilla when it was younger, without some of the refinement. I’ll take it!


Block 15 Turbulent Consequence Peche: If anyone is still out there that thought this beer was kind of minty, it’s gone now. Tastes great!

Imperial Stout Tasting

We only do this because we love you.


Alesmith Hawaiian Speedway Stout: Way better from the bottle than on draft. I can actually taste the coconut from the bottle. I hope they release a barrel aged version!


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This growler is from 2014, and was carbonated!!!!!


Alesmith Barrel aged Coffee Speedway: I was really surprised by this, because I actually liked this beer less than the non-barrel aged Hawaiian Speedway.


Goose Island Nuthulu: MMMMMMMM, so god damn good. I will say though, that BCBVS that I drank a few weeks ago was still better.


Treehouse Good Morning: Spectacular beer, reminds me of Toppling Goliath’s Morning Delight, but the diet version. Stronger maple presence in this beer, but does not have that cinnamon flavor I love so much in Morning Delight.


Good Morning was a little cold, so we had to improvise.


Casey Dry Hopped Oak Theory: OH MY GOD PALATE CLEANSER!!!!! YAYYYY


Port Brewing Churchill’s Finest Hour: Incredible stout, and very different than all the other stouts we had that day. Roastier, less sweet, and drier. This is how great stouts used to taste before we got all caught up in the adjunct scene. It’s good to look back and see how tasty beer can be by itself, without all the maple syrup, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, and unicorn tears.


We also had a 16lb pork butt. It was delicious.

Timbers win the MLS championship! Also known as the day my liver died.

IMAG1540 IMAG1541 IMG_2522

Yep, celebration beer! 6L St. Bernardus Abt 12, there was also a 3L Chimay Blue floating around somewhere….Doesn’t matter, it could have been horse piss and I still would have been happy. WE FUCKING WON THE CUP!

But that’s not all. We had to do this in classic beer geek fashion, by opening all the beer.


Dangerously tasty and light for 10.4%…..this must be a sign of things to come.


Cloudberry lambic? Yep, I’ll take one of those please.


Let’s just cradle all the things, because no fucks are given.


Ah, the classic standby


Wut, getting really eccentric with this beer right here. Brekeriet Rye Whiskey Sour. It was really good, reminded me of the peated lambic from h.ertie.


Just a summary of things that have happened.


BABY CRADLE! Also, did not read this Walt Whitman book.


Regular BCBS infused with coffee or legit BCBCS? BCBS, almost unanimously.


Something lambic cherries.


Batch 5 Flora, absolutely killing it right now. I should have drank more of that fizzy water in the upper left hand corner. Things are getting kind of grey around the edges.


So I’ll just keep going, I like the slow increase in the number of glasses hanging out on the table.


Not sure when I migrated over to the coffee table….but the beer was still good.



We also opened these, and a few other beers that I forgot to photograph… the most important ones. Whoops!

IMAG1555 IMAG1560 IMAG1558 IMAG1557 IMAG1556


Final damage, my cat did not approve of our antics.