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Wrapping up the weekend

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Oh my poor liver

My birthday was the other day. I was feeling a little under the weather but De Garde was going to have Imperial Vin Bu on draft 4 blocks away from my apartment. I had to go…


De Garde Imperial Vin Bu: Hell yes. I could drink this all day.


Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee: Still drinking great!


Hill Farmstead Genealogy of Morals: Better than Damon. Don’t believe the hype!


De Garde the Lily: This might be the best beer from De Garde thus far. It’s absolutely amazing and will probably get better with age. A+


Deschutes the Abyss 2010: Yep…still not tired of this one.


De Garde Imperial Vin Bu: Man, that’s some carbonation! It was a two-glass affair to catch all the foam.


Upright Fantasia: Great beer to end what was supposed to be a quick stop for a beer.

Small bottleshare time!

Couple people from out of town wanted to do some trades and to share some bottles, so for the 3rd time in the same number of days, I went to the Commons.


Hmm, might be a lot for 5 people. I love the ambition.


Time for some liquid courage in the form of Gin Enkel! 5 glasses in 3 days, I might have a problem.


De Garde Rougie: Aging well, but it’s a slower gusher now, so be ready with a glass!


Crooked Stave Surette: So much better than the reserva version! This one has no butter.


Jester King Aurelian: Holy tits this beer is sour! Lots of apricots too! First Jester King beer I’ve had that doesn’t suck. A-


Troegs Master of Pumpkins: Not bad, but I like the label better. B


Lawson’s Maple Tripple: Tastes like delicious, alcoholic breakfast! A+


Best way to smash my face with coffee.


Crooked Stave L’Brett Blackberry: Quite tasty, but I wouldn’t mind more fruit. B+


Jester King Chrysalis: Not as good as the apricot Jester King, but it is still good. Maybe I need to only drink the small bottles of Jester King. Is that the secret? B+


Crooked Stave Origins: Still one of the better dark sours out there. B+


Crooked Stave Cherry Origins: Best beer from this year’s Crooked Stave reserve society. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze 2013: Batch 2 is way better than the original batch. This one is nice and refreshing while bringing a good amount of funk to the table. Batch 1’s soul goal was to destroy my face, and it did a pretty good job. This is worth trading for. A/A+


Lost Abbey Cable Car: Holy robot Jesus I love this beer. A+


The man who brought the bottle chugging the last 5 oz like a boss!


Cantillon 50N-4E: Oh, hey there. Cognac barrel aged sour beer?! Why yes, yes I want some. It was quite good too! A


Jester King Atrial Rubicite: This one is god damn delicious, absolutely worth the hype! One of the juiciest, jammiest beers I’ve ever had. A+


Bruery Grey Monday: This is a terrible idea, but a delicious one! A/A+

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Both Persicas were buttery. What sadness.

Small Tasting

I had a couple friends over to split a couple of beers and to play some Call of Duty. Things went well!


Commons Maybelle: Still absolutely delicious, and makes for a great palette cleanser! A-

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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Coffee, and Cherry Rye: Coffee was the best (A), regular took second (A), and Cherry Rye brought up the rear (B+)


Upright Fantasia: Stupid good. Best beer of the night. Tons of peach with a nice level of funk. A+


Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood: This beer shit all over Cherry Rye. There was no mercy. A


Alpine Ichabod: Worst tasty beer of the night: B


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: I love that vanilla so much, but if this beer was carbonated it would be a Top 10 beer for me. A+


The lineup!