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Westworld and Beer!

Coffee Aeropressed Bourbon County Stout really hits the spot when you’re watching a show that explores how terrible people are when there are no consequences for their actions. On the other hand, the consequences of me drinking this big ass beer after weakening my liver by not drinking for a few weeks will mean a very restful night’s sleep.



More Stouts

Went and watched Civil War last week with a friend. Since the movie theater we were going to had crappy beer, we decided to have something nicer before heading over.


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This 2012 bottle is insane, just incredibly fudgy with minimal alcohol burn. There is a little bit of oxidation, but it’s cutting the heavy fudge flavors quite nicely.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: I haven’t had this beer in ages, but I remember really liking it last time around, despite not having a ton of citrus and Grand Marinier flavors (I think this beer was aged in former Grand Mariner casks). This time around there’s a ton more orange going on in this beer, and it’s awesome. If this is what an citrus adjunct stout can taste like, more people should do it and stop beating the dead horse that is the cinnamon, chili, hazelnut, beard yeast adjunct stout.



Now let’s drink all the beer.


Block 15 Farm to Fruit: Holy Moly really good. Tons of peaches here with a bit of funk in the background before finishing super dry.


Upright, Jeux D’eau: This beer is aging really, really well. Much better now than it was when it first came out. I don’t think I have any bottles of this left, and it makes me angry.


de Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Again, inspired by my buddy’s blog, who is going through all the de Garde beers in order. This one dates back a few years, and it is incredible. Tons of spice and cranberry without the huge punch of acidity that I was expecting.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: I split a vanilla bean and steeped it in the beer for 4 days. The result comes out to something extremely similar to Vanilla Rye, but with more vanilla. It was very good, and I will be doing this more often….more often as in every fucking time I want a bourbon county.


John Wakefield Brewing Harbinger: Yep, holy hazelnuts batman!


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 2013: God I love this beer. It just keeps getting better and better with age. While not as complex as the 2013 Iris I had a few days ago, this was a better beer. Tons of lemon zest, funk, and wet socks.


Block 15 Framboise White: This is a batch one bottle, and I had completely forgotten that it had a cork beneath that cap. Stupendous, and it had actually carbonated!!!!!!


Upright Cherry Four: I enjoyed this beer, but it was apparently a little bandaidy.



Well, we did a vertical of Norma back to batch 1, but I didn’t take a photo of each bottle individually, because I was drunk, and am a bad person in general.

The family all together!

Sorry, Bramble Rye did not survive long enough to make this photo…


Here’s the trade that made me break out the other bottles:


I can’t believe I’m doing this on a weeknight.

Deschutes release their Black Butte XXIV the other day to celebrate their 24th anniversary. It’s an amped up version of their Black Butte Porter with figs and dates added.

Looks good don’t it? It is, but could use some time to age. It’s a pretty boozy at the moment.

I have a big bottle share to go to later! I needed to load up on calories!

I arrived to BeerMongers to find this waiting for me. Time to get started!

Full Disclosure: I had to drive home, and we had to finish the tasting in 3 hours. That’s why I have tiny sample sizes

Dogfish Head Positive Contact: Cool label, wish that carried on to the beer though. It just tasted like belgian yeast and cloves. C

Didn’t like this one from Kuhnhenn. C+

Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme: Tasty, but in true Lost Abbey tradtion, it’s completely flat. B

Cigar City Cucumber Saison: Smells and tastes really strongly of cucumber. I like cucumber, but I hated this beer. Worst beer of the night by far. D-

Lost Abbey Red Poppy: Carbonated, sour, and god damn delicious. A

Three Floyds Gumballhead: Might be my favorite pale ale next to Zombie Dust. A

Southampton Abbot 12: Meh. B

Hill Farmstead Art: It’s really damn good. One of the best saisons I can think of. A

Cigar City Cognac Barrel Aged Church on a Hill: It’s awesome. God damn awesome barrel character. A+

The bottles! They are growing!!!

Kuhnhenn Fourth Dementia 2008: I love this beer, but this was way too oxidized for me. C+

Three Floyds Alpha King: God these guys can do pale ales well! A-

Surly Five: Always good. A-

Allagash Four: It wasn’t bad, but compared to the other beers it paled a bit. B

Roots Epic 2008 Magnum: Rob and Kevin discovered I was sneaking only small samples of beer. They filled my glass this time. Those assholes. Quite good though, and now I have a huge bottle for homebrew! A-

Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2008: This beer is astonishing. So much cherry and cinnamon. A+

Didn’t drink this one. At this stage I had to be careful with what I drank. There were probably 8 beers that I didn’t even get around to.

Marble Brewing Reserve Ale in Woodford Barrels: Interesting, but not really my thing. B

Block 15 Super Nebula: HOLY CRAP SUPER NEBULA!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite stouts and probably the best beer label I’ve ever come across. A+

Marble Brewing Imperial Stout in Woodford Barrels: This one is much better than the other beer I had. Not sure if the spice from the Woodford helps though. B+

Logsdon Far West Vlaming: I didn’t even know this beer existed, but it was really good. A

Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown: I don’t like browns.

Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout: Really good, but probably my least favorite of the BCBS variants. B+

Didn’t have this one, just wanted a photo!

Oh Founders KBS: How do you always sneak in to all of these tastings?!

Bruery Fruet: Whoever though opening a 14.5% beer at the end of the day was a good idea, I’m not sure. Damn good beer though. A

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break: Not really my kind of beer, but I could smell this guy all day. B

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2009: Sooo good, but this also wasn’t opened until the very end. WTF.

And we all had work the next day….