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Brews for New Avenues

One week late, but I’m finally sober enough to write about the main event at Brews for New Avenues.


However, things got pretty insane after Oysters and Geuze, so I was definitely riding the struggle bus.





Incredibly seriously.


A few moments of rest before I was assigned to help source water coolers for the event. Turns out the vendor who was going to bring water coolers fell through…jerks.


Okay, with nap time over, it was time to begin!

VIP members got stemware, bid numbers, tokens, a bumper sticker, and a T-shirt.


Some crazy stuff available at auction! I did not get a chance to take photos of the other two bottles in this set…


People were waiting in line for this keg, so I figured I would do the same.



It wasn’t long before I was put to work.


Yep, back to oyster duty.


It certainly had its perks though!


Work work work work work.


Hey look! People that were at my house the previous night! They are pretty cool people. Don’t mine Anne in the left photo, she’s just jealous.


Another year, another great event! Almost $240,000 raised for at risk youth! Can’t wait for the next one!


I did win a bottle from the auction, but that’s another post.

Oysters and Geuze

Oh Brews for New Avenues, knowing exactly how to butter up us beer geeks. Open bar geuze and oysters for 50 people?!


Spoiler alert, I won jack shit that day. 😦


But I was so excited to try!


Tilquin and Armand and Gaston pours? Well I’ll just pour these into the vast, demanding chasm that is my mouth.


The line for oysters was pretty fearsome though, I was asked to step in to lend my services. I happily obliged. It is, after all, for the kids.


It also meant I could feed people. Hilarity ensued.


One of the best beers from the weekend.


And it was great to hang out with friends who were visiting from all over the country for this event.



“So, you ready for the big event tomorrow?!”



Brews for New Avenues

First of all, I would like to congratulate Brews for New Avenues for raising $150,000 this year! That’s more than all the previous years combined! There’s nothing like having a good time drinking incredible beer with all your friends while contributing to a good cause.


There was a line before the event started so we went down the street to Upright for a warmup pint. It was not the greatest decision I’ve made but it seemed smart at the time.


There were some excellent T-shirts in attendance for the event.


I like the new logo for this year!


The calm before the storm.


So many bottles for the VIP silent auction!!!

20160827_143359 20160827_143803 20160827_143816

Just a sample of some of the cool things available for auction. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything during the silent auction.

20160827_144147 20160827_152203 20160827_195412 20160827_143010

Seriously delicious beer.


Friends are eagerly awaiting the oyster hour.


Shigoku oysters from Taylor Shellfish. These are great, but I think I prefer Torkes from Nevor.


I was enlisted to help. It was great practice for me and I found my new favorite oyster knife. Dexter #22 forever!


Umm. Wut.


Live auction!


Goodnight folks. See you next year!

Brews for New Avenues Oyster Social

This past week was Brews for New Avenues, a beer-centric series of events whose proceeds go towards helping local at-risk youth by providing housing, education, job training, and other skills that address the root causes of youth homelessness. While I think large-scale charities are great, there is a certain satisfaction knowing that your contribution towards a local charity is addressing something that’s in your own backyard. Anyways, Brews for New Avenues had an oyster social on Friday, where 50 people got to snack, eat as many oysters as they could, and drink some fantastic lambic. Did I mention that lambic and oysters is my favorite food/drink pairing? It’s heroic.

20160826_181435 20160826_181243


Jaret Foster of Foster’s Craft Cooking shucking some Netarts oysters while sampling some lambic for himself.


Oy vey. These look delicious and tasted incredible.


These were our choices for lambic for the evening. There were also pours of Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze as well, but they were pours from bottles rather than from kegs.


Cantillon Lambic D’Aunis: Tasted better than the bottle I had on site at Cantillon, which is pretty much the only place that you can try this beer, with the exception of this event. Jean Van Roy of Cantillon sent over several cases of this beer for this event, and proceeds from bottle pours would be split between Brews for New Avenues and a charity back in Brussels that Jean supports. A-


Cantillon La Vie est Belge: This is batch 2 of Vin Juane, a lambic aged in Vin Juane barrels. Vin Juane is an oxidized French white wine, very sweet and nutty. I will go ahead and say that this is the most unique Cantillon I’ve ever had. Tastes like hazelnuts. It’s incredibly good and I doubt that I will get to try this beer again. A+


Oh look! It’s Jean telling us about the beers he donated!


Yes, that is a 3L bottle of Fou Foune. The lambic experts will tell you that there are no known bottles of 3L Fou Foune that have been released before. This is one of three that Jean donated for Brews.


The view from the venue was pretty awesome.

Brew for New Avenutes

After a lengthy recovery, my brain finally functions well enough to talk about my favorite beer event of the year.

Over the past 2 years BFNA was held at the Green Dragon, but this year the venue was changed to the Leftbank Annex. Thank god it was, because it was 90 degrees outside, and we had air conditioning inside, while those who wanted to slowly fry in the unforgiving PNW sunlight could still choose to hang out in the outdoor area that was set up.



I had to prepare myself before heading to BFNA. Obligatory pho photo.


VIP Area for BFNA: At 2 PM, VIP ticket holders headed to the basement of the Annex for our own little party and silent beer auction. Approx 100 people were here for the VIP session, with auction lots being ranging from small, fun things, all the way up to $400+ auction lots.



These 3 bottles along are worth about a grand. The beer in the middle is my favorite beer of all time. Need moar disposable income!


Lardo provided some noms.


As did Cheese Bar and Olympic Provisions!


Cantillon Iris on draft?! Yes plz.


De Garde Berry Whiskey Bu: This beer gets the great distinction of being the first keg to blow! Well done De Garde! We all love drinking your beer!


Tilquin Geuze up next!


Gravity Brewing Tropical Sour: One of our friends was nice enough to 1. Brew this beer in the first place, and 2. Send this keg all the way up from Florida! This beer was delicious!


Laurelwood Workhorse: I needed to have something hoppy after all that sour beer from the earlier VIP session.

I don’t have photos of the General Admission session, mainly because it was kind of dark and my photos were coming out kind of blurry, but also because I was a little drunk.

At the moment the event raised $36,000 for New Avenues for Youth, which is a charity that prevents youth homelessness and provides youth homeless and at-risk homeless with resources and skills that they need to lead healthy, productive lives. The tally is still increasing, but $36,000 is a great number, and is almost a 50% increase over what was raised last year. I already look forward to attending BFNA 2015!

The New Avenues Haz Brews.

Many livers cried out in pain on Saturday, and were suddenly silenced. I went to the VIP session from 2-5PM, and then kept going during the General Admission session until 10PM. After that, things got a little murky.


VIP was held in front of and inside the Rogue Nation warehouse.


The New Avenues Crew making final adjustments before letting me go insane on the beers and food.


VIP ticket holders also got a nice stemless glass instead of those crappy plastic mugs designed for peasants.


De Garde Blu Bu Weisse: Stupid good. Blueberry berlinerweisse aged in gin barrels. Flipping fantastic. I certainly did not drink 3 of these. No way. Impossible. A++


De Garde/Commons Ortucky Common: Still getting better every time I try this beer. I’m really glad that they guys over at Commons have decided to make this beer again. A


Who blends Cascade Honey Ginger Lime with Blu Bu Weisse? Apparently, everybody does! In my case, twice. A+


HUB Barleyboomsomething something. Do not drink barleywine in the summer. Don’t.


Don’t remember what this one was. Deschutes Fresh Hop Bitter maybe?


De Garde Coffee Porter: Porter + Coava coffee beans = profit. May have drank 3 of these…. A-


De Garde Loak Bean: You never saw this photo. A+


Block 15 Framboise Rouge: Might be my favorite American made Framboise. I didn’t drink 2 of these. That would be idiotic. A+


Thanks for making me fat Cheese Bar!


Olympic Provisions, you didn’t help either.


Silent Auction….More than $11,000 was spent here.


Turns out that a lot of people don’t mind spending money when they’re drunk…..


She took my sunglasses.

Once again, Brews for New Avenues takes the cake for my favorite beer festival! More than $22,000 was raised to help at-risk youths off the street in Portland. Thanks to the businesses who donated!

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Also, thanks to all the people who donated bottles out of their cellars for the silent auction!

Wildwood + Brews for New Avenues = Success

Wildwood hosted a 5 course appetizer paired with beer as a thank you to those who purchased VIP tickets to Brews for New Avenues. Cost: $35. ROI: Over 9000.


Solid menu…now let’s get started!


Westy Blonde + Steak Tartare: Best paring of the day


That cheese was super funky. My Asian genes could barely handle dank lump of awesome.


These look good too….


The pork rillettes were laced with magic. They were absurdly good!


Ceviche + Barrel Aged Flora Rustica: I will take any and every excuse to drink this beer. Having food be the excuse is a pretty good way to go.


Duck Confit + Westy 8: Duck confit is always good, and I think Westy 8 is better than Westy 12




Lineup of bottles. You know the beer is good when the Cantillon is not the best one.


Ithaca Brute: Beer is aging well, might continue to do well for another year or so.


All in all, successful event! Thanks New Avenues for Youth!